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Making the guest list

Published:Monday | December 1, 2014 | 12:00 AMJody-Anne Lawrence

When it comes to your wedding day, you want to share that moment with all the world, but unfortunately, you cannot. As such, you are forced to create a guestlist. Whether inviting 25 or 250, this seemingly simple task can be quite overwhelming and may take days or even months to complete.

Before compiling your list, acknowledge that not inviting a person does not mean they are any less special to you or that the relationship is less important. Everyone cannot share in this experience, and this is just one that a few might have to miss.

A wedding is an intimate celebration, therefore, the guestlist should consist of immediate family.

There are the close friends and extended family who have been there since day one and have contributed to the union. If your budget can accommodate more and you want to have a larger wedding, then you can add more friends. However, adding persons just because you are related is not enough to make it on the list because there are times that we have friendships closer than family.

Mini Guests

Children at weddings are completely up to the bride and groom, however, when choosing to invite them, there are still a few things you should consider - their age, is the menu appropriate for children, and will they be sitting at the standard adult tables? If you cannot accommodate them for whatever reason, add to your invitation, "unfortunately, no children allowed".

A note to guests:

Please respect the request of the bride and groom. When they have booked a venue for the reception, they have entered a contract that dictates the number of persons expected to attend, so unless your invite said 'plus one', do not bring additional people along. It is not only selfish to take uninvited guests, it is also in very poor taste and will incur additional costs on the newly-weds.

While on the subject of expenses, when the invite says 'RSVP by ...' please do - state whether or not you are going to attend. People do not invite just anyone to their wedding, and if they care enough to invite you, care enough about them to let them know if you are able to attend.