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Unconventional places men unleash their inner beast

Published:Monday | December 8, 2014 | 12:00 AM

Many individuals like to live on the

wild side. The greater the risk, the greater the

reward. For many, that rule

also applies to sex.

Many become adventurous and take sex out of the bedroom to very unconventional places. Men seem to be the leading partner in the equation and four very adventurous men shared with Flair the most unconventional places they did the dirty, an experience they describe as extremely exhilarating not only for them, but for their partners as well.

Jeffery Reid*, the adventurous type:

• Outside during Hurricane Ivan

• At the extreme back of a seven-seater taxi

• On a grave

• In a chicken coop

Richie Wright* has reached number seven on his bucket list of places he would like to experience the ultimate ecstasy, with hopes to tackle greater in the near future. His achieved are as follows:

• In a moving car

• In the public bathroom

• In the movie theatre

• In a mango tree

• At the back of a public bus

• Changing room in a store

• In her office on her desk

• A fantasy to be fulfilled - in a canoe

John Smith* is still exploring his fantasies, by making use of his everyday experiences. So far, he has done it:

• In an elevator going up on the 23rd floor

• In an aeroplane bathroom

• On the top of a building

• In a closet

• In an open lot

• Under a camp tent

Although George Simon* is more of the conventional type, he has been seduced to become one with his natural urges, playing with fire in unlikely places such as:

• On the church grounds

• In a car under a street light, with the police knocking at the door - he didn't stopped.

*Names changed to

protect identity

If your have gotten your groove on in places out of the ordinary or the ones outlined above, share it with Flair at