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Kamau Brown

Published:Monday | December 15, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Kamau Brown-Photos by Craig Harley Photography

Krysta Anderson, Gleaner Writer

We took a little break but the Flair's Man Crush Mondays #flairmcm is back and better than ever! This week, we feature yet another eligible bachelor waiting for the right lady to love. By day, he plays the role of Clark Kent, functioning as a cheque file clerk, but by night, he trades in his suit and tie for a more relaxed wear as a superman in the field of fitness.

With a warm personality and a smile that melts the hearts of many, ladies, meet the young, handsome and multitalented Kamau-Akeele Brown.

Name: Kamau-Akeele Brown

Age: 26

Occupation: Certified personal fitness trainer, cheque file clerk at Scotiabank, freelance fitness/fashion model

Hobbies: Weightlifting/bodybuilding, sports (rugby and basketball are my favourite), reading, martial arts, sleeping and chilling with friends

Relationship status: Single

How do you manage to stay fit?

Despite my busy life, I live by the notion "no days off" when it comes to my training whether it's at the gym or some form of sport. But I still ensure I get the rest of those done as well. I'm not solely about working out every single day. My strict and precise nutrition also plays a huge part in my fitness lifestyle.

What is your ideal date?

A nice quiet dinner or a movie or even just walking around and chilling at any park or getting some ice cream at Devon House. We could even chill at the one's house, as long as we're both having fun, and enjoying each other's company, it's all good.

What are the qualities that appeal to you in a woman?

I actually go for the face first then the body right after. I prefer the fit bodied types. (No surprise right?) But if she isn't a gym fanatic like I am, I'm fine. Not too tall or short, I tend to be attracted to the lighter-skinned women but I'm not fussy if she isn't. The real winner: if she can engage me in a good intellectual conversation but can still have me laughing with good humour, she has won over my heart.

What's your favourite food?

On non-cheat days I enjoy steak, chicken breast and eggs, but on my cheat days, I go all out: pizzas, cake, ice cream, chocolate chip cookies and Tiggaz.

What's the expression(s) you use the most?

Pain is temporary, quitting is forever

KISS - Keep It Simple, Stupid

It's all good

And do you have any tattoos?

Not yet. Sometime in the near future I plan to get my zodiac sign, Leo.