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Unity tips

Published:Monday | December 22, 2014 | 12:00 AM

Janelle Oswald, Contributor

If this Christmas/Kwanzaa is your first holiday season as a couple, or you are looking for ideas to increase the 'love flow' in your relationship this festive season, the following 'unity tips' will be great!

Planning treats for your loved one is always exciting, but can become challenging due to the endless hustle and bustle of this time of the year. Keeping this in mind, it's more crucial to slow down in order to share precious moments as a couple. Cut down the shopping list, decline an invitation to a party or two, and heat up your home with your own holiday magic!

1. Decorate together

If you're decorating for the holidays, do it together! From indoors to outdoors, decorating together can be a fun bonding experience. Have festive tunes playing in the background and some extra yummy treats to munch on.

2. Start a new tradition

Start a new tradition with your significant other that you will carry on year after year. If you have children now or in the future, you can carry on the tradition with them. If this is your first Christmas/Kwanzaa together, now is the perfect time to come up with a tradition with your beloved.

3. Share hopes, dreams and goals together

There is nothing like taking a quiet moment together amidst all the holiday madness to reflect on your hopes and dreams for the future. Discuss together what you want the future to hold. Write down your thoughts and put them in a box and add to the box every Christmas/Kwanzaa.

4. Lighten up

With sparkling lights and shimmery delights at every turn, remember that it's your own holiday glow that is the sexiest treasure of all. When enjoying festive celebrations, dress in attire that makes you feel attractive. You'll be at your natural, cheerful best when you're feeling rested and relaxed, so make sure to get extra sleep and de-stress with simple activities such as walking, meditation, and yoga. Embrace spontaneous opportunities with your sweetheart that create laughter and fun. When you feel light and blissful, you'll connect even deeper.

5. Have a candlelit Christmas/Kwanzaa dinner

Make the time to have a special candlelit Christmas/Kwanzaa dinner. The two of you can spend some special time together and enjoy what the holidays are really all about.

6. Have a festive movie night in

This time of year is a great time to catch up on all of your favorite childhood films and share the experience together. Cuddle up on the sofa, grab the popcorn and get smooching!

7. Help out in the community

If you're feeling really fortunate to be spending your first Christmas/Kwanzaa with a wonderful person, why not share some of that joy with others who are less fortunate? There are numerous charities where you can both volunteer together during the holidays not forgetting the countless churches that will need your loving assistance.

8. Buy your Kwanzaa candles together

Choose and light your candles together. Lighting candles creates great energy in the home! Light the Kinara (candle holder symbolising the ancestors) daily. Make the lighting of each candle special and sacred expanding your love.

9. Go light seeing

Light seeing isn't just for children. Go to town, fill a flask with hot cocoa and go light seeing celebrating your love.

10. Create a playlist

Start to reminisce on all the great music tracks that you love hearing and singing during the festive period. This could range from traditional smoochy ballads, oldies but goodies, 'rub a dub scrub' to cheesy classics. Once your playlist is complete, you can enjoy it together at home or while driving in the car.

11. Handmade holiday love

This is a perfect time to get your creative juices flowing. In fact, if money is tight this year, extravagant gift-giving can add unnecessary stress to your relationship. Some of the most beautiful, priceless gifts are handmade. If your phone or computer is filled with sweet photos that have been forgotten, create a beautiful photo collage to keep those precious memories alive. In a busy world that tends to focus on buying and consuming, see what enduring delights you might craft to enchant your sweetheart.

A massage is also an intensely personal and intimate gift. Buy some massage oil and lay out the Egyptian sheets. Try to keep everything soft and sensual. Light some scented candles and follow Bob Marley's incentive - "turn the lights down low."

12. Cuddle on Christmas/Kwanzaa morning

Make plans to not rush to open presents or go to a family member's house first thing on Christmas or Kwanzaa morning. Instead, opt for having a leisurely morning in bed, cuddling, playing footsie or whatever else tickles your fancy.