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New TV series to boost Brand Jamaica, assist juvenile diabetics

Published:Monday | December 29, 2014 | 12:00 AM
One the featured celebrities on 'Conversations in the Kitchen' TV series Carrot Jarrett and his wife, Alisia Lawson-Jarrett.
Featured celebrities on 'Conversations in the Kitchen' TV series (from left) JoJo's Anna Chin, Island Grill's Thalia Lyn, nutritionist and executive producer Charles Mattocks and Lorraine Fung, caterer.-Brian McCalla/Freelance Photographer
From left: Shelly McFarlane, Charles Mattocks and Sarah McLeish share a laugh before the commencement of the launch of 'Conversations in the Kitchen' TV series.

Charles Mattocks, during the launch of his first TV series 'Conversations in the Kitchen' with Island Grill's Thalia Lyn, at Twins Gates Plaza last Thursday, told Flair the idea of the show is almost like "Oprah meets food".

"What we wanted to do was to interview some of the best and brightest names in Jamaica and see another side of them that you don't normally see."

He also said that he wanted to create this series for Brand Jamaica and the island: "So this show is not just about being seen in Jamaica, but around the rest of the world. We want people who love the Caribbean not just to be able to see the Caribbean on another level, but to know the people who make this beautiful country."

Specially invited guests were pleased with the nature of the feature and see where it will encourage thousands of people who are going through many trials to stay motivated.

Lyn's episode was shown. Many people know her as a business woman, but the episode revealed a more intimate side of her.

interesting viewing

She shared her sentiments of the show after it was viewed: "I am an ordinary person, so to see myself on the scene and saying things about myself, I am looking for the excitement, but I am not seeing it. But my friend Anna Chin said that it is interesting to her, so maybe people will find it interesting … . You know when you live your own life, you really don't think it's exciting."

Anna Chin shared her perspective of the feature: "It is interesting because it was nice to see where you (Lyn) started from an ice-cream business that didn't work and you tried something else, and you tweaked it and then you saw where that didn't work and tweaked it again, and that worked. And then you started to build upon it and again came the negative about the states, but you came back and bounced back - it's all about the resilience in what you are doing. And it gives encouragement to people like myself in business, who have just started. ... It's an inspiration."

Among the five of 13 episodes that have been done is Carrot Jarrett, a holistic and naturopathic healthcare provider who shared some of the things he spoke about in his episode.

"In my episode, we spoke about food and nutrition in general, and how food contributes to the health and well-being of individuals, family and the world. This is about making the world a healthier place.

"In terms of what Charles is doing, it's an incredible concept. I wish it the best and I know it will do well, plus the other he has on tape to do."

In conclusion, he encouraged individuals to watch and support the show in whatever way they could, saying it would lift the quality of life in whatever territory it was be shown.

Popular caterer Lorraine Fung is another celebrity featured on 'Conversations in the Kitchen'. She implores Corporate Jamaica to get involved, as this initiative is for a good cause in benefiting individuals, especially juveniles who suffer from diabetes.

"I think the concept is fantastic and I am so happy that Chef Mattock has chosen Jamaica. In his survey, he has found that one in every four Jamaicans suffers from Type II diabetes. Juvenile diabetes is on the rise and many parents don't know what to do and how to handle it, and there is not enough literature those parents can read to treat their children when they are diagnosed. This will create awareness."

an adventure

"My episode is like going through an adventure, based on the questions he has asked, to see what we are doing in Jamaica - how we eat, how we consume our food," she adds.

Among other featured individuals are Rohan Marley, an entrepreneur and former American football player, and Miss Universe Jamaica, Kaci Fennell. They all started from humble beginnings and worked their way up to the top in order to be successful, and this TV series gives detail about their family, learning how they cook, what they love, their dreams, joys, and hopes, what they eat, love and all there is to know.

Mattocks, who is also the nephew of Bob Marley, said he has great plans for Jamaica.

"We have a lot of great things in Jamaica. This is our first show in Jamaica. We do a lot of events here for health. We also have another show coming after this one called 'The Dating Game', so look out for that."