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Pulling the Plug – Love Me Nots

Published:Monday | December 29, 2014 | 12:00 AM

Pulling the plug has never been easy, when it comes to the one you love. But sometimes, our relationships are at the point of no return: where hopes of tying the knot lose grip, or picking away at rose petals 'he loves me, he loves me not' hoping it does not end with the latter.

Ladies, the new year is almost here, so it is now time to remove the clutter from the closet. Let's look beyond the fairytale, wake up and see whether it is time to call it what it is.

The Flair has come up with a list of telling traits to look for in those smooth criminals. Meet our nine 'love me nots'.

The Serial Cheater

Now, cheating once is bad enough, but after tumbling down the rocky road and having your heart shattered, you bite the bullet, put the error aside, forgive him, and move on with a clean slate, for him to mess it up all over again? It will never end. Break the cycle. You may very well have a serial cheater on your hands.

The User and Abuser

Ladies, sticks and stone, fists and tantrums thrown can definitely break your bones and hurtful words will surely hurt you. If you find these incidents reoccurring, then it is time. Your mental and physical health come first.

Distant Lover

Now this may mean beyond the physical. We all lead busy lives, but if he is not taking the time to really work on the relationship, you're no longer on a romantic cruise, you're sinking faster than the Titanic and do not even know it.

Secret Lover

If you are tired of disappointments, living behind closed doors, missed dates, playing second fiddle and shadowing the wife, you know what to do. You deserve more.

P.S. The line of "I'm going to leave her," may very well be just that - a line. No action will follow.

The Gamophobia Sufferer

That fear of commitment will carry deep into the abyss of oblivion. We all know what we want at the end of the day, and if after years of talk, it's still not being provided, then termination should take full effect. Remember one hand cannot clap.

The Sponger

This may have several connotations. He may be sucking the life out of you with his constant negativity. Or, he may have become or has always been an expense; living by your means, refusing to work, with no intention of contributing to the household or the union. While you're all about giving, you should be able to receive as well.

The Lover and Leaver

This is another name for a booty call. If he can't stop to have meaningful conversation with you, outside of when you're getting down and dirty, it's probably time to trade in a boy for a real man.

The Addict

If he spends far more time with drugs, with drinks or busy getting lucky on gambling sprees, then it's best you leave him with his first loves and stop competing for a heart already in danger.

The Magician

If he has pulled a disappearing act, and has gone with the wind, it makes no sense to hang on to what once was. Pull that plug so that your heart can mend for a luckier fellow.