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What made the news (Part 2)

Published:Monday | December 29, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Alia Atkinson
Lisa Hanna
Nicholas 'The Axeman' Walters
Officers carrying the coffin of Sir Howard Cooke at his state funeral at the Holy Trinity Cathedral on August 8. File photos

Now, at this time of year, I usually hand out some silverware. But it's not quite the Kelly's World Awards (yet). That is for 2015. But I will give you the highlights (as many as my Swiss-cheese brain can remember) of the second part of 2014.


Chik-V! I could end it right there and say no more. The chicken-gunman shot practically everybody, yours truly included. Pain, fever, pain, itching, pain, you get the drift. But that was nothing compared to the fretting that Ebola was coming to Jamaica. Some people start ketch it already inna dem mind. Let's pray it doesn't get here for real!

Non-stories that became stories because people have no lives

Yendi and Chino babymama drama, Lisa Hanna taking a trod on the beach and getting flak for it, and Dr Carolyn Cooper and the Kingston College old boys fiasco all come to mind. All of these stories generated too much interest on social media (one of the best and worst creations of all time), but none of them was 'news'. Ugh!


Second half of the year was a great one sports-wise. Jamaica's female basketballers were North and Central America Caribbean Basketball Champions. The Commonwealth Games team did us proud, Alia Atkinson swim past everybody inna di pool, and Nicholas 'Axeman' Walters became World Boxing Association's Featherweight Super Champion. Chop dem yes!

Proud to be Jamaican

There were many candidates here but two come to mind. Jamaican jurist Patrick Robinson was elected to serve as a judge in the International Court of Justice. And Pulse supermodel Jeneil Williams shot the new L'Oreal campaign, becoming the first Caribbean model to shoot a global cosmetics campaign for a major brand. Nice!

Walk good

Popular Jamaicans left us in 2014's second half. Former Governor General Sir Howard Cooke (walk good, Teacher), while reggae icon John Holt also sang his last notes and got a rocking send-off. And who can forget former Agriculture Minister Roger Clarke. Take it easy Mas Roger.

New highway

The long-awaited Mt Rosser bypass came amid much fanfare, and when the fans in the vehicles started working overtime, people weren't as enthusiastic.

Talk wasn't cheap

There was some 'talk' about the phone bills government MPs racked up and Senator A.J. Nicholson put his foot in his mouth with flexi rape. The Tivoli Enquiry got going and between the patois and the legalese it made for one interesting start.

Resignations and non-resignations

Some directors of Jamaicans For Justice exited the organisation faster than patrons at a dance when shots start fire. The majority of the National Housing Trust board, however, decided them not changing course. Like bad house guests, they ain't leaving.


Forbes Magazine ranked Jamaica as best Caribbean nation to do business. Raaaayyyy! The Jamaican dollar kept getting higher than a hippie at Woodstock, but gas prices went in the other direction. Whether we really saw it reflected at the pumps is another matter. Digicel bought SportsMax (basically), but LIME bought Flow (basically) and Digicel bex! Dem lucky, di two a dem have more money than me.

And who can forget Gully Bop, from the streets to Sting. Fix di teeth though.

So that's it, my second-half highlights. And look out for my Kelly's World Awards.

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