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Krysta Weighs In: New year ... newer me

Published:Monday | January 5, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Krysta Anderson flanked by her mother, Donna Anderson (right), and cousin Shaniene.- Contributed

Krysta Anderson, Gleaner Writer

The New Year is finally here! So you know what that means? I gotta kick my healthy lifestyle into high gear. If you are just seeing this, welcome to Krysta Weighs In, where I focus on all the issues arising on my road to good health.

Just Peachy

You know how everyone makes New Years resolutions at the start of the year? Well, I did just that in 2014 to make amends with my health. Midway into my journey, I was gifted a short form-fitting cocktail dress from a dear friend. Unfortunately, it could not fit, so I made it a birthday mission. Unforseen plans made it impossible to wear for that occasion, but no worries, another major event would present itself. That opportunity came just in time to say goodbye to the progress of 2014 and hello to even brighter possibilities of 2015. Rolling out just peachy, I rang in the New Year in fine style with my peach cocktail dress. smiles

These are my reflections

I have almost reached the one-year mark (I cant believe it). It stills feels like yesterday that I decided to take my weight into my own hands and make better lifestyle choices. I started the race of #teamhealthy with Olympian Juliet Flynn, who took me under her wing and did a fabulous job in giving me and my body a strong dose of reality, along with useful tips on how to jump-start a very different way of life. The baton was then passed to Xavier Grey, who has since run an excellent leg, zoning in on my problematic areas, while unveiling the hour-glass shape in me (an added bonus).

He and I still have a lot of work to do. And with the start of the new year, I have decided to make my New Years resolution to be a newer me truly challenge myself to be consistent with my workout regime, in and out of the gym, despite a hectic work schedule, and clean up my eating habits even more. The ultimate aim is to achieve all that I set out to do: lose some weight, live a healthy life, and have fun while doing it (why not?).

New loves

To ring in the new, Ive decided to take this opportunity to highlight a few of my new loves I discovered in 2014.

Boxing: strangely enough, I have never been a fan of boxing, but since training with Grey, I found out that I actually like it. Im not sure how good I am at it, hed have to weigh in on that, but it is such a release to just punch! My trainer telling me that I punch like a girl truly helps me to kick his butt I have no idea why I take such offence to that. I mean, I am a girl right? But it gets to me every time. Nowadays, he has to have his guard up because sometimes I miss the target and punch him instead. And by then, I am not punching like a girl. It helps me to work up such a sweat without even realising it.

Core workouts: I love working my core. It was challenging when I first started, but now that I am aware of the mind-body connection, Ive been engaging it a lot more during workouts, and with the inches lost and a newfound shape discovered, its clear to say Ive been loving the results:

Room for improvement

Consistency has been a major problem for me in trying to keep up with my workouts. Im still not perfect, but who really is anyway? I am just happy for the baby steps in that direction, and so is my trainer.

If your New Years resolution is to get on the healthy train, then be as realistic as possible. Join a fitness group that will help to motivate you. If you are like me, and just cant do it on your own, enrol in a gym and stick with it. Rome wasnt built in a day, so sculpting your dream body wont happen overnight. Grey and my family are my biggest supporters and motivators. It helps that they are right there going through it with me, so for every pain I feel, every challenge I face, they are by my side, comforting and pushing me.

Food can be your biggest nightmare if you let it. Dont. Challenge yourself little by little to wean your body off fatty foods. Increase your challenge to weeks and months and you will be surprised at the outcome.

Final Lap

I now have the last leg to run (for the rest of my life, hopefully). February, I will finally reveal my new weight, compare how I was then to how I am now, and bid adieu to Krysta Weighs In (sniff).

Join me next time, as I switch things up to achieve my ultimate goal. In the end, I will give an official weight and stats debut. Let the countdown to a newer me begin.