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Best of Beauty

Published:Monday | January 12, 2015 | 12:00 AM

They say with age comes wisdom, and though we do not mind getting wiser, we certainly don't want our age to be the first thing you see when looking at us. In 2014, we took care off all that and more, addressing beauty issues from head to toe. Here are our best beauty secrets.

Catching a glimpse of what you thought was your 'well made up' face in natural light, after you thought you were looking like a bombshell - an pleasant sight.

With your soca body in 'wuk-up' shape and your costume purchased for 'chippin' down di road', all that is left to seal the deal for the road march is some dazzlingly artistic carnival make-up.

Make your hair dream a reality, with Candy Moisture Mousse. This new product to hit the hair market is shea butter-based infused with natural, virgin oils such as apricot kernel oil, coconut oil and vitamin E oil. This product is here to change the life of many women who are frustrated about finding the right moisturiser.

Out of the continuous frustration of not being able to find her 'true shade', Dianne Plummer developed her own line of True Shade cosmetics.