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Oldie but Goodie Outlook

Published:Monday | January 12, 2015 | 12:00 AM

Mixing the old with the new, there was a nice balance between first-time feature 'Beyond Beauty', which zoned in on the success behind several native lovelies, and dear old advice column veteran, 'Dear Doc'. Of course, mention must be made of those enthralling personalities, who, through hard work and dedication, overcame their personal obstacles and spread the good cheer with our readers.

So without further ado, here the five standouts for Outlook:

1. Family Time

There's nothing more heart warming than our resident family time section, which plays up on the relationship between mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, even animals.

2. Wellness

Dear Doc hits the mark every week in addressing topical issues relating to health, or sex and relationship.

3. Style

Outlook was styling like they never did before in 2014. They even paid homage to The Gleaner's 180th anniversary with Style 180, featuring fashionistas who reflected on their own unique style then and now.

4. Personality Profile

2014 was definitely the year for personalities. The biggest hit was 'From mangoes to MBA', followed by Natalia Oh's feature: 'Beyond Beauty'.

5. Social

From birthday parties, corporate functions to weddings, we were on the social scene. 'Long and Lasting Love' and 'Vivica's 50th Party' stood out and made our list of highlights.