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Clean playground

Published:Monday | January 26, 2015 | 12:00 AMJody-Anne Lawrence

When it comes to the male anatomy, many women like it looking masculine and not necessarily clean shaved. But at the same time, women appreciate a well-groomed 'playground'. Today, Flair is giving you notes on striking the right balance between a clean pavement and a mowed lawn that your lady love will appreciate.

Back Hair

When a woman runs her hands down your back she does not expect nor likes to feel tangles. So when it comes to back hair, a nice wax would be a very good solution. This is one area that is off limits when it comes to hair.

Chest hair

Chest hair evokes a mixture of responses and hair on the chest is acceptable to some women. If the chest hair is three inches long or goes all the way to the shoulders as well as passes the navel to the genitals, then consider trimming it. Waxing is not a necessity. You can shave the excess and trim the chest region to about a half or quarter inch. A little chest hair is no problem, but it should not be competing with the ones on your head.

Hairy legs and arms

Women tend to like their men looking like men.

However, if you cannot see the skin beneath the hair, then trimming is a suggestion. Shaving or waxing is not necessary for these areas.


Please, armpit hair is neither attractive nor hygienic. Nothing is a bigger turn-off than seeing clumps of deodorant in hair. Trim or shave and keep it clean.


Men tend to like women that keep it clean - reciprocate. If you are afraid of getting ingrown hairs in this area, trim it. Get scissors and clip the hair to about a quarter inch long.