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Pet me the right way

Published:Thursday | February 5, 2015 | 12:54 PM

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and as lovers  get prepped for the weekend, Flair asked some of our readers how they make the night steamy.

After all the emotional-steam of flowers and chocolate, it's time to get under the sheets and explore your hidden desires.

To get things started there are some erogenous zones that defiantly get the ball rolling. You may know what turns your partner on, but our readers gave us their secret and you could try something new. For many couples the feet and neck seems the usual suspects. here our readers share with us why these zones turn them on.

Cheryl Small* My ears are my biggest turn on. Once he starts playing with my ears and whisper ‘naughty’ things and blow in it, I instantly get stimulated and my whole body becomes sensitive. At that moment I just want him to take me.

Regena Choo* Being kissed on my neck slowly is my biggest turn on. Kissing my neck is just a tease, but biting and sucking on it will stimulate me. It’s so hot I love it. My boyfriend tries not to do it because he doesn’t want to leave marks, but its turns me on. 

Thelma Reid* When a guy kisses my neck I swear I feel like my knees are about to give way, I feel completely weak. I just melt, especially, if he slightly bites my neck at the same time - it feels amazing. I can be all fun and playful, but once the neck kissing begins, no more games.

Nadya Henry* I admit it; I adore a man that has a foot fetish. I love having my toes kissed, my high heels licked, foot  massages and just watching him do it, that is so erotic. I was at a BBQ recently with one of my dates, and he started rubbing my feet and I thought I was going to have to excuse us, because I was getting so turned on.

Dave Thomas* My nipples are my biggest turn on. I feel a sensation that runs through my body - it’s like a pleasurable electric shock. It’s like I want to go further to cloud nine. As for when I am kissing her, I notice that she likes when I kiss on her neck, and the way she moans and groans, is a big turn on for me too.

Justin Jake* A light, sensual, but genuinely passionate kiss on her neck or my neck can show endearment or it could lead to a great night.

Most of the men Flair spoke to, told us that after finding out the sensuous parts of their partner's body a they began using that to their advantage - to bring them to ecstasy. Any part of your body that doesn’t normally get physically stimulated typically feels amazing when someone puts their mouth on it. Be it toes or the back of the knees or the belly button.

The feet seems to be one of the forbidden zones, but a few men we spoke to were willing to give it a try.

Sean Raven* I have no problem putting washed toes in my mouth. Now, if you have a dirty floor or home,  I will not do it. There is something so sexy about women’s feet especially if they take care of them.

Richard Daley* I have had a pretty strong foot fetish for years and enjoyed doing many things with my wife's feet, including massaging and kissing it. We also use them in various ways during sex - not that I don't love all her other attributes, just for some reason I really like her feet.”

Ricardo Blake* I have never had a girl ask me to kiss her feet, but I would do it as long as they are taken care of, and we have mutual trust. As for me, I really like when she kisses my nipples and my belly button. It’s a huge turn-on, and I feel like I would just do crazy romantic things to her after.

Make your Valentines night a memorable one. Find out what turns your partner on and share your more erogenous zones with them. Make the night special by adding romantic toys, food or even dessert to your fetishes – and go all the way.

*Names changed upon request.

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