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My Relationship is a Movie

Published:Monday | February 9, 2015 | 12:00 AMJody-Anne Lawrence

When it comes to romance, some of these fictional movies are closer to non-fiction than we are willing to admit - telling the story of our lives. Flair asked 10 individuals to reveal what movie best describes their relationship.

r It would have to be Sense and Sensibility. I would be Marianne who will always love Willoughby. However, I have found another incredible guy who really loves me. I am happy with him. He has proven to me why he deserves to be in my life. Sometimes love of the past is not enough and you have to use common sense.

- DM 28, In a relationship

r The Body Guard. There are other significant things that could have kept her away, but we broke the mould despite the odds and have a great thing going.

- DS 27, In a relationship

r Closer. It's messy, complex, exciting with hints of jealousy, anger and hate.

- GO 28, In a relationship

r Friends with Benefits is what I would use to describe the relationship I was in before this one. That is all it was.

- NS 30, Pending

r Safe Haven is definitely what I would call it. My previous relationship was not physically abusive but it was hostile - verbally and all. However, I fell for someone that was somewhat in the same place and we have managed to find something special that I am happy with. Very unexpected.

- VL 28, In a relationship

r While there was no love

triangle, my previous partner reminded me of Heathcliff from Wuthering Heights. We were passionate and he absolutely refused to let me go even when we had both moved on. I think we will die being in love with each other - such a tragedy.

- AH 27, Complicated

r Failure to Launch. I have not yet been able to take off.

- DK 33, Single

r Going the Distance. I lived out of town and he lived in the city. After we fell in love we could not stay away from each other and now we are living together and it has been great. I believe that we went the distance to be together and it was worth it.

- NH 26, In a relationship

r A Thin Line Between Love and Hate would be the perfect example. We are passionate, but we are definitely not for each other and broke up, but when we see each other that is always an entirely

different story.

- SB 22, Single

r The Pursuit of Happyness, it is not a romantic movie, but what I love is that everything happens in stages. We are moving forward, going through the struggles of

raising a child while we are working towards our ultimate goals. Then we can fully enjoy the fruits of our labour.

- RS 31, Married