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Krysta Weighs In: Taking A Step Back

Published:Monday | February 16, 2015 | 12:00 AM

Taking one step forward only to be knocked two steps back has become the new reality as I delve even deeper into the wonderful world of health and fitness. If you are just tuning in, greetings and salutations from my hub, Krysta Weighs In. This feature is all about exploring the 'lighter' side of life, through the eyes of a fluffy and fabulous fitness enthusiast.

The one-year chapter is almost over, and one would think that I would have gotten the hang of this whole health and fitness, right? Wrong! I have never been more challenged, frustrated, yet motivated before in my life. This roller-coaster ride is heightened by the world - playing a major role testing my fitness faith.

While I will get down, I am never truly out of the game.

Last I checked in, I shared my Miranda warning, and for the most part, I have been sticking with it. If your body is anything like mine, then it's best you heed it. Let me explain. As full-figured individuals, you always reach that stage when you just know something is wrong. Maybe you had too much to eat, waited too long to have a meal, or have just been ignoring the voice inside saying you need to work out.

It took me a while to pay attention, but now that I have heard the message loud and clear, the struggle gets easier. That doesn't necessarily mean that it goes away once you start that new journey. You just learn from the mistakes you made before, or even

during, that transformation process.

Woman Down

My issues came in the forms of new allergies along with my many injuries which became a real thorn along my rose path to wellness.

'Tis the season for runny noses and sneezing, with sleepless nights occurring due to the chills accompanied by cold-morning roll-outs to the gym. Working out with sinus issues is more pressuring than it appears. This also somehow brought food allergies, so when I stepped out on my diet plan, I was in for a rude awakening, displaying bumps and rashes on my skin (it has been a long two weeks).

The knee exacerbated the situation beyond the scope of reason, with a 'cracking' incident knocking me down midway my workout. My gym family rushed to my aid to get the pain to subside (appreciated that more than they know). I was later advised by my trainer, Xavier Grey, to take a step back, ease off the intense cardio and focus on a low-impact workout for the remainder of the week.

I did just that, letting him patiently guide me through working on the ball and strengthening my knee, with leg raises, leg extensions and leg presses, as well as targeting the upper body, all the while keeping other injuries in mind. I wasn't pleased, to say the least, by this turn of events. I mean, I actually like working up a sweat.

What I wished for

One morning, Grey was unable to make it to my session and I had to train with another gym instructor. All I can say is 'be careful of what you wish for'. I thought my trainer was bad enough; he was golden in comparison to Stokely Rose. Tough as nails, Rose drilled in a new workout regime, requiring silence and focus throughout. Now, my fun-loving personality definitely clashed with that. We somehow came to an understanding that was workable for both parties. I am grateful that he played substitute for the day and the workout was definitely worth it, as I was soon feeling muscle aches in new places.


By the next day, Yin found home with her workout Yan and we safely returned to the regular weekly programme. I am looking forward to putting my injuries behind me and moving forward towards that spotlight at the end of the tunnel.

Tune in next time as we incorporate innovative ways to shake things up where fitness is concerned. Soca season is finally here and there's nothing like a good 'socacise' class to 'wuk up' the waistline and burn some calories in the mix (hop, skip and jump around in excitement). Let's do this!