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How Much is Too Much

Published:Thursday | February 19, 2015 | 4:01 PMJody-Anne Lawrence

Make-up is something many women love and cannot do without and most are under the impression their spouses love to see them all dolled up. So Flair asked men what they really feel about make-up.

How much is too much?

Personally, I do not like make-up. But if she wears it in excess it is a problem for me. If you look significantly different without make-up then it's too much. I believe that make-up should slightly enhance the way you look, not change it.
-Denver Mowatt

When it reaches a point that it looks like you have another layer on your face is when it becomes too much for me. Just put on enough to hide your marks or bumps and I am OK with that.
-Stefan Davidson

When her natural colour does not sync with the make-up and the make-up is used to create a face instead of enhance it, that's too much.
-Duwayne Small

When a blind man directly behind me can see the abrupt difference in the colour of her face from her neck and we both are standing 10 feet away from her. She cannot look totally different from the woman I 'met at a bar'.
-Theodore Johnson

When all they need is a red nose to pass for a clown.
-Colin Archer

Too much is when she feels like she needs to have on make-up all, or most of the time. Personally, I don't like make-up that looks plastered on like costume. If it's well done and subtle, I can live with it - once it isn't all the time. Have to be careful these days.
-Randy Richards

For me, as little as possible is best. I find women more attractive without make-up. Don't get me wrong, make-up has its place. However, nowadays it can change a tree in the face to a solid nine point five out of 10. That kind of deception gives me trust issues.
-Raymond Kelly

Too much make-up is when it starts to hide facial features and deviate from your true complexion. I think make-up has to complement your natural look not over shadow it. If it is your like an entertainer of some sort and want over-the-top make-up, then you can experiment and go with something bolder for that purpose.
-Jermaine Swaby

For me, once it is obvious, it is too much. I think make-up is meant to cover little flaws here and there but most women use it as decoration. Since when is your face an accessory for your clothes? Men like the natural look. Most of us don't even care about make-up, to be honest. You never hear a guy tell a woman, "your make-up looks good". I want to know what your real face looks like because I want to know you on every level, love how you look not for how I think you look until you wipe off your face.
-Orlando Grey

When she starts to look fake or like a clown. Once it is plastered on.
-Dushane Perry

It is too much if when embracing and it comes off on your shirt or if she is sweating and pats her face and the rag or tissue changes colour.
-Carey Patterson