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Chase to the Altar: The Richards’ Love Story

Published:Monday | March 9, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Husband and wife basking in bridal bliss.
The handsome groom remained in the classic black and white, while the groomsmen were given a shade of red in their tie. From left: Levern Richards, Mervyn Richards, the groom, Rohan Richards and Ewan Dixon.
The stunning table arrangement and decor depicting the bridal colours: black white and red.
The black and white wedding cake, topped with a pop of red was prepared with love by the bride's mother, Vivia Brown
The beautiful bride and handsome groom elegantly pose as husband and wife.
The newlyweds share in a loving embrace.
Pure white popped with red is surrounded by a sea of black popped with white. From left: Kadian Henry, Lorice Edwards, bride Peta-Gaye Richards, Allisha Bowen and Alicia Griffith are all smiles for the special occasion.

They say the greatest love of all starts with a chase, and that was exactly the case for lovebirds Peta-Gaye Brown and Rovein Richards.

The two met when Brown began working at Heart Trust/NTA Ebony Park in 2008, where Richards was already employed. Brown came in to focus on work, she had no time for any personal relations. But blown away by her beauty, Richards decided that he had other plans.

As Brown tells Flair, "I worked as the librarian and so he started taking things from the library in a bid to force me to hunt him down for them. Whenever I would see him, he would comment that if he gave me back the items, then I would stop looking for him, and he liked being hunted by a pretty woman." The chase continued for quite some time until one staff trip changed everything.

What one dance can do ... .

The trip to Montego Bay saw them both spending the entire night at Pier One getting to know each other. "We talked about everything - music, life, and work, among other things. He challenged me to dance, and that was it," Brown recalls. That dance session would not end until nearly 4 a.m.

It's complicated

She admitted that at first she tried to get rid of him, "He was very upfront with me about what was going on in his life. I gave a listening ear and encouraged him as a friend, not knowing he had intentions of being with me. When it hit me, I said, 'Leave me alone, I am complicated'. He just stood there and allowed me to talk, then in a matter-of-fact tone said, 'No, I am not going anywhere; I want you.' I think my heart skipped a beat or two, because I had unexplained feelings for him, and it was way too soon for that."

Finishing each other's sentences, meeting the parents, and just merging their worlds, you name it, they were doing it. But it took a call from her mother to confirm her beliefs, "I said to her, 'Mom this guy, he just walked into my life and he is taking over.' Having already met him she said, 'Well, let him take over. He loves you, I can see that, and I know you are in love, too, so don't push him away.' This was huge for me, my mother is hard to please - she rarely approves," Brown asserted.

Things flowed seamlessly from then on, with them operating like a married couple - so what better way to seal the deal than by actually tying the knot?

Relaxed proposal

One day, Richards asked Brown to accompany him to dinner. Little did she know what was in store for her. Brown gave us all the details:

"We went to Strawberry Hill, and enjoyed a lovely evening over dinner. He ordered a bottle of wine, and we reminisced about the early days of our relationship. Again, he taunted me about dancing, and I challenged him to dance right there. He got up and came around to help me out of my seat. Once on my feet, he got down on one knee. I was shocked! Overcome with emotion, I smiled and cried at the same time, and when he popped the question, I just hugged him and said, 'Yes!'."

With the help of family and close friends, wedding plans were soon set in motion. Brown knew exactly what she wanted, from the colour scheme to the theme. For her dress, she went to Kingston Bridal Week and met Sara Stanford of Bliss Bridal Boutique, and it was through that connection that she found her dream dress, "Sara has the warmest personality and a keen eye for knowing exactly what someone may like. It was a no-brainier for me, I had to visit her store and find my dress. When I tried the second dress, I knew it was the one. I was ready to walk down the aisle."

It's Official

After almost six years of sharing their lives together, the chase was finally over. The two made it official on Saturday, December 20, 2014. They exchanged vows at The Cathedral of St Jago De La Vega, in Spanish Town, in a sea of classic black and white, with splashes of radiant red and with love at the heart of the ceremony.

The reception which followed in the cool hills of Stony Hill, overlooking the city, was a festive one among those close and dear to them, "It was the best day of our lives; we had so much fun and are still overjoyed by the magnitude of love shared," Mr and Mrs Richards confirmed.