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Humans are weird

Published:Monday | March 9, 2015 | 12:00 AM

Human beings are, depending on the measuring stick you're using, the smartest species on the planet.

So how come they do the dumbest things? Humans are the only species I can think of that knowingly put themselves in dangerous situations. Let's examine the evidence, shall we? We know that bulls can gore you to death. We've seen it happen. And yet, every year, people gather in Pamplona, Spain, to run with the bulls. Now, I understand it's a tradition, and for some people it's on their bucket list. But I would prefer not to have something on my bucket list that could cause me to kick the bucket in the first place. Or what about those persons who love to ride roller coasters without strapping themselves in properly? The ups-and-downs of the ride alone are enough to scare me to death, so what are they trying to prove?




Still don't believe me? Okay, how about our vices? Smoking has long been decried by

medical experts. Legislation across the world has changed how people can partake of the nicotine sticks. Jamaica (Dr Ferguson big up!) is among the countries that have certain rules in place for their use. Part of the rules dictate that warnings about the dangers of cigarettes, as well as pictures of the results of smoking, must be clearly visible on the cigarette boxes. Some of the photos are pretty gruesome, from damaged gums and teeth to black lungs. And yet, people still a order two Craven A or Matterhorn. I'm mostly curious about the younger generation (early to late 20s). They would have known about the dangers of smoking perhaps sooner than their parents and grandparents. And they still smoking! Go figure.


drinking alcohol


Don't get me started on alcohol. And I'm not being hypocritical because I drink, too. We've seen and heard the stories about cirrhosis of the liver, but did you know chronic alcohol intake can cause heart disease and stroke? Or even dementia and depression? And then of course excess alcohol has been known to play its part in road accidents. And yet, people are still not drinking in moderation. I just don't get it.

What about food? You ever have somebody about to bite into a cheese burger and then they sheepishly say, "You know, my sinuses are going to kill me after this?" Ahm, so why you eating it? Surely you could have gone without the cheddar? From what I've gathered of the animal kingdom, if a predator eats something that doesn't agree with their stomach or stomachs, they'll never deliberately eat it again. Humans? We a nyam dem same way! I Just don't get it. Once I realised I was allergic to dairy products, you can't pay me to eat anything with milk, cheese or their relatives. Sore throat, stuffy nose, and maybe even wheezing are just not worth the trouble, man.

I tell you, humans are weird and if we're not careful, we're going to make ourselves extinct. Now that's scary.

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