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Too hot to handle

Published:Monday | March 9, 2015 | 12:00 AMRandy Bowman
The classic colour pairing of blue, white and red is updated with a tuxedo-inspired design and the option to add straps prove clutches are here to stay.
Caution! Hot stuff coming through.
I certainly see you ... . There’s no hiding place besides clutched in your arms.
Don’t worry, no furry animals were sacrificed for this cute lil one. Just imagine this soft texture next to you.
You still can’t beat a box clutch when it comes to formal occasions – this extravagant, animal print-inspired will see you safely through any occasion.
How cute are these? The easiest way to brighten up an otherwise plain outfit is with a bold accessory!
The classic colour pairing of black, white and red, updated with a tuxedo-inspired design with the option to add straps, prove clutches are here to stay.

Every woman knows that whether you’re making a run to the supermarket or getting dolled up for a night out on the town, your handbag can add  that final ‘Flair’ to your outfit. A necessity once leaving home, bags have evolved and the clutch has resurfaced and grown in popularity recently. These neat, flat rectangular bags are no longer subject to formal occasions as they come in various styles and sizes for any occasion.
Some are 'larger than life', and local designer Andrea Sinclair, creator of 2 Qute Collections, has been making bags with their very own personality. Born out of the need to bring out the quirky side of women without uttering a word, as well as to create cute, trendy yet reasonably priced purses, her pieces make your personality shine.
“I first started out making fashion accessories such as necklaces, earrings and bracelets from fabric in addition to baby hair accessories. But one day I had an event to attend and couldn't  find a purse to match. A few days before, I did some research on YouTube, saw how easy it was to make the clutches, tried it and it was a hit. I later showed a few friends and they loved it too.”  Beaming with pride, she continued: “As I got the hang of it, I started adding my own little cute designs, and that was it. Whenever I showed my pieces to anyone the majority would say, ‘That’s too cute.’  I kept hearing it, thus the name 2 Qute Collections, previously 2 Cute Accessories.”

Made locally from upholstery material, vinyl, leatherette and embellishments Sinclair’s bags allow her creativity to direct her designs. She at times uses the leatherette to create patterns: “... depending on where my creativity takes me. I try not to limit myself.” The self-taught designer is currently working on a collaboration with Drenz Fashion, building a website to facilitate online shopping and making a line available in a few local stores.

Targeting women between the ages of 18 and 40, Sinclair also makes custom clutches - at an additional cost - that within four to seven business days can be in your arms, while pre-made bags take three to five.

Find Sinclair’s statement clutches on Instagram: @andrea2cuteaks,
Facebook:  2cuteaks, Whatsapp: 4454495, Email:andrea2cute@hotmail.com.