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The Call that Changed My Life: The Isaacs’ Love Story

Published:Monday | March 16, 2015 | 12:00 AM
The Isaacs bridal party. From left: Carlton Whyte, Kemar Johnson, Kemar Mills, best man Odean Bablington, the bride and groom, matron of honour Sheba Grant, Nina Scott, Deniese Scott and Nicole Tomlinson.
The bride and groom captured in a loving moment.
A Kodak moment as the groom, Dwayne Issacs (left) and his bride Roselee Scott-Isaacs (right), hold hand in hand, with the support of their dedicated bridal party.
The wedding cake was created with love by sister of the bride and one of the bridemaids for the wedding, Deneise Scott.
Stepping out royally in the name of love with the beautiful bride are (from left) Nicole Tomlinson, Deniese Scott, Nina Scott and Sheba Grant, matron of honour.
From left: Kemar Mills, Odean Bablington, Kemar Johnson and Carlton Whyte toast the groom Dwayne Isaacs on new beginnings.

Sometimes in life, all it takes is one phone call for fate to fall right into place. This was the case for lovers Roselee Scott and Dwayne Isaacs.

The two met while on lunch break and it was there that the grand plan began setting itself in motion. "I was 19 years old at the time when we met. It was on one of my days off from work and I was at Burger King having lunch and he was seated about two seats away from me," Scott explained to Flair.

She pointed out that she began to notice him because he threw out his bag of fries on his waiting tray and this reminded her of a former boyfriend. The triggered memory brought a smile to her face and by that simple action Isaacs was captivated.

He decided to capitalise on the silently sparked interaction by striking up a conversation, "He told me I had a beautiful smile and asked my name and the connection just flowed from there."

For Roselee, that first impression made an impact because already she thought he was handsome with his sideburns and immaculate work attire.

Then it was time for them to part ways. Dwayne asked Roselee for her number, but she decided that she would take his instead.

That tactic was originally the case of taking his number and doing nothing with it, because she had no intention of calling him. But after debating with her twin sister, she was convinced to take that chance. Two weeks later, she made the call - describing the act as "the phone call that changed my life."

That first call led to more, and the two eventually started dating and were happy together for seven years before he decided to pop the big question.


New Year's Proposal


After having dinner with friends at Gloria's at Palisadoes, they all watched the fireworks as the clock struck midnight on January 1, 2014. There Dwayne started thanking God for his many blessings and for having Roselee in his life. This he does every year, but that night, he surprised her by getting down on his knee and telling her how important she was to him. "I was stunned and in disbelief. I kept asking him, what he was doing I even ran from him. My friends and his started laughing at my reaction. When I actually started believing what was taking place, I started to cry. He asked me to marry him, and I said 'yes'," the bride recalled.

Wedding planning

Scott described this experience as stressful because, as a bride, there were many things that she wanted but couldn't afford. "It was a battle between us because I would spend and he would be upset because he would prefer I spend as little as possible. I've learnt that even though I didn't get everything I wanted, it was still perfect. Our family and friends gathered with us to celebrate our union, and for that, I am so grateful. As a bride, though, there were certain things I didn't want to compromise on - the dress being the major thing - so there weren't any cutbacks where that is concerned," Scott revealed.

Wedding Day

On February 7, 2015, at Caymanas Golf and Country Club, in a sea of royal blue with a splash of fuschia, Isaacs and Scott were joined in holy matrimony to become husband and wife.

The bride was a vision of perfection in a beautiful sweetheart-neckline gown, heavily beaded with Swaroski crystals on top, while the handsome groom looked suave in his grey suit with a touch of royal blue. The two, opted for a morning wedding, and treated their specially invited guests to a breakfast buffet fit for kings and queens. "The ceremony and reception were lovely, filled with lots of laughter, memorable speeches and, of course, love. In the end, everything was worth it. The arguments, the stressful days and my 'bridezilla' moments made my wedding what it was and I'm happy I did it the way I did," Rosalee Scott-Isaacs happily remarked.