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Feting with Flair: Dolled Up and Dieting Prep

Published:Monday | March 23, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Island Dolls inspired by Carnival.
Patrice Howell pushes to the limit of elevation in the zumba dance class.
Kaci Fennell

With only a few weeks to go before we take our 'wukin' on the road, FÍting with Flair goes full speed ahead in introducing a double feature, having only one thing in common - SOCA!

Getting all dolled up is a major part of the carnival experience. We, however, are highlighting another side of dolling up for the soca season.

Inspired by the costume worn by our Miss Universe Jamaica, Kaci Fennell, during the Miss Universe competition held a couple months ago, Beverley Robotham-Reynolds, better known as the 'dolly lady' of Island Dolls Plus Collection decided to create carnival dolls. The Jamaican public asked, and she answered.

The idea of doing carnival dolls, she noted, is not new to the line, as back in the day, the company would design many dolls for the season. She laid off the concept for many years and now she is back with soca vengeance.

Currently, the dolls, in light and dark skin tones, are adorned with three designer costumes: colours of the Jamaican flag, the bandanna, and Fennell's festive costume.

If you just can't get enough of carnival and want a memento of the season, then this 2015 Carnival Collection can be found at My Jamaica, The Craft Cottage and Sun Island in Kingston. You can also email your request to


Sweating with the



D and E Technique


By far, the most important components of achieving the desired chiseled, toned or curved body for the road is diet and exercise. We asked a few of our female revellers what some of the steps are that they have taken to get their body 'jump' ready. Here is what they have to say:

o I have been gymming it and eating healthy. I pretty much already try to do that, but I am doing gym twice per day and seriously eating lean. I go to Spartan now, and have a trainer to help, so I'm not doing it on my own like before. I don't always make it back in the evenings because of work, but that's the aim.

- S.P.


o I haven't done anything for carnival, but I have given up a few things for Lent, like white rice, white flour and all meat, except fish. Also, I go to kickboxing religiously, so that has helped in the carnival prep department.

- S.G.


o It's not even for carnival actually. Two years ago, I decided to change my diet overall. I was tired of just crunching for Carnival alone. So it's an all-year body, not just a seasonal one. But, if one is focusing on carnival: no carbs, like zero; proteins and vegetables and lots of cardio and squats. Cardio not only helps to shed fat fast, but it also builds your stamina for the long road ahead.

- S.P.