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Get flawless skin for Carnival

Published:Monday | March 23, 2015 | 12:00 AM
We might be in the tropics, but this Carnival princess stands out like the mystical white peacock in all her glory.
She might not be Jennifer Lawrence, but James Paul made her body a human canvas.

The beauty and artistry that is associated with Trinidad Carnival is now a part of the fabric of the Jamaican experience, and body painting, tanning and airbrushing is now being offered from the land of soca itself.

Jamaican Carnival revellers will now have the option of being bronzed and airbrushed to perfection by Trinidad's very own airbrush dynamo, James Paul.

Between April 9 and 12, James Paul will offer his services at the Pandora Day Spa at its new CPJ Courtyard, Lady Musgrave Road location, to both males and females who wish to have a flawless body for carnival.

Bronzing and airbrushing have long been the secret of Trinidad Carnival revellers, as it perfects the complexion, making stockings optional for the road march. The airbrush service is like foundation for the body, where the spray used matches the individual's complexion while masking any imperfections. Tanning services are also available where one goes a desired shade darker than their own complexion, as well as body-art services where a specific design can be sprayed on to any desired part of the body.


spraying time


The spraying takes 30 minutes to apply, and dries fully within five hours. It's water resistant and lasts three to five days so you don't need to avoid taking showers. The body-art designs typically last 10-14 days. Both are removed with rubbing alcohol or baby oil. It is non-toxic and won't come off with J'Ouvert paint.

The cost of the service is only $6,000. Bookings will need to be made in advance by emailing, direct messaging @bodybronzeja on Instagram, visiting the Pandora Day spa, or calling 561-7735!