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How hard are you nailing it?

Published:Monday | March 23, 2015 | 12:00 AMJody-Anne Lawrence

'Art' on a woman's fingernails have become a top-notch accessory these days. No longer are women just getting a French tip or solid colour, but for nail techs, the fingernail is a blank canvas to show off their handiwork. But just like anything else there is something called overkill and with the 3D and stiletto nails, one has to wonder whether nail art is going a bit too far.

This week, Flair has gone to the streets to ask both men and women how far is too far when it comes to nail art:

Women's responses:

o I'm honestly not one of those fussy girls that do their nails very often. But honestly, the ones that look like talons are crazy.

- Shanique Grant

o I generally like natural, neat nails. They are more practical for every day. But when it's a special occasion, I don't mind acrylic with tasteful designs, just not too long.

- Kareen Chung

o I currently get my nails polished often, but when I used to wear tips, I did a mid-length squoval. It's more oval shaped actually. Those talon-shaped manicures are way over the top in my opinion. Like, how do you function on a daily basis with nails that long and pointed?

- Zauditu Scarlett

o My kind of manicure is tips with a plain polish. A different pattern on each finger, especially if the colours are loud, is too much. I also love glass tips with design under the acrylic. It spells simple, yet classy.

- Kasheena Minott

o I don't mind it being a little creative, but the 3D shocking designs are a bit too much for me.

- Cerene Davis

Men's Responses:

o I'm all about class, keep it simple and clean and I am good, I find that sexy. Now, when it looks like they dipped their hand in a Crayola box because nails are filled with colour, not to mention the pointed nails that looks like she is auditioning for Freddy Kreuger's spouse, I hate it. A woman once put on nails with a car on it, she literally glued the car on her nail and then decided that she was going to cook for me. When she finish, she could not find the car. So you know who went to KFC and ordered a meal deal - go large. I was not going to try that and then possibly end up choking on the car.

- Danar Royal

o I like white and simple. I am of the opinion that less is more. No over-the-top artwork on the nail, that is overkill for me.

- Duwayne Small

o If you can't knead dumplings with them then that's a sign you went too far.

- Daive Richards

o I hate long nails. I cannot stand them at all. I find the extra-long nails very 'butu' and just not classy. I prefer short or medium-length manicured nails. Nothing too flashy, just simple, like a one tone colour or even nicely done French tips.

- Merrick Marshall

o I hate the long curly claws. I appreciate the more natural look.

- Kmar Coombs