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Ja's sexiest woman

Published:Monday | March 23, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Danielle Thompson

As Australian Chris Hemsworth is dubbed the sexiest man alive, his female counterpart in Jamaica would be Danielle Thompson. Last year, Thompson was crowned the 'Sexiest Woman in Jamaica' after capping the title Miss Jamaica Bikini International 2014.

Thompson, who trains at the Spartan Health Club, told Flair she was encouraged to enter by her friend, Nneka Alveranga, who was familiar with the competition. "She said, 'I think you will do well at this, so go for it, and give it a shot'. I never imagined myself doing something like this. I am a bit shy, but I said why not try something different and see what the result would be," she explained.

"You train, eat right, get your body all shaped up, and then on the day your body is judged mainly based on how you carry yourself, toning, physique and your hair," Thompson recalled.

What was most challenging yet beautiful about the competition, Thompson mentioned, was that you had to be disciplined. She had to adjust her diet and learn how to prepare vegan dishes. "I learnt very quickly about macro and micros. I had to learn how to cook vegetarian dishes, identify lean meat, learn about supplements and how to blend juices properly - this was to maintain the body while working out at the gym," she outlined.

natural progression

This was almost like a natural progression for Thompson, who had a natural love for farming. "It was always a feature of my childhood. Growing up in Havendale, St Andrew, my family planted vegetables and cared for our own fruits. My love for the soil was formed being next to my mother and grandmother whenever they were in the garden planting callaloo, banana, and tomato, among other vegetables," she explained.

Thompson graduated from the University of Technology in 2012 with a bachelor of arts degree in architectural landscaping and immediately got her hands dirty. "A group of my yogi friends with the same interest decided that we were going to farm organic produce in St Thomas, and on a farm called Paradise, in Bog Walk, St Catherine. But time didn't allow the back and forth, so I brought it home - my own back yard in Havendale."

The competition

With that backdrop, Thompson was already a winner. The contestants only had one day to show the fruits of their labour - a healthy looking body. "On the day of the competition I had to turn and pose in different directions and was judged. Then I was asked one question - how did I move from architecture landscaping, to farming, then to wellness?"

And she replied: "Architecture assisted, where you are able to adjust to a new environment. You learn how to design and pull your creativity out, what is divinely feminine about us is our creativity so when you plug that into working with the earth, which as you know is a female energy, great things happen. It was almost like a natural progression for me."

Thompson told Flair, "This competition was about stepping outside of my comfort zone and challenging myself. I have always been on the shy side and this opportunity to push my personal comfort boundaries, have a totally new experience and have some fun was a no-brainier."

Nature my Therapy

Thompson's passion for healthy living and a desire to help others feel good about themselves gave birth to her company, Nature my Therapy.

Now a year in operation, Thompson's company offers a variety of blended juices to revive, replenish and restore the body. "Our goal is to make a healthy lifestyle both delicious and easy. We press organic and natural fruits and veggies daily and deliver right to your door (in Kingston and Montego Bay)."

What's next?

Thompson mentioned she has been approached and encouraged to enter other competitions. "I am undecided as to whether or not I will compete. However, I am still training. Dwight Dunn, coordinator of Miss Bikini Jamaica and I, are options and sponsorships."

Through the competition, Thompson shared the most important lesson she has learnt: "You should never feel like you are not enough, and to make a lasting change you have to love yourself to good health.

"It is most important to me that young women know that despite any title or label that may be given or they choose to attach to themselves, self-acceptance and self-love partnered with a focus on self-realisation and growth, are some of your most powerful tools. A woman who loves herself and takes care of herself and is living confidently from a place of internal security is sexy, at any size, stage or age."