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Clean Cut

Published:Monday | March 30, 2015 | 12:00 AMJody-Anne Lawrence
Getting a clean cut.

Well, India.Arie said "I am not my hair", but when it comes to a haircut, a man is often influenced by the shape of his head and face.

Lavern Whylie, barber at Totally Male Spartan, told the Flair that when lining up a man's hair, she takes into consideration the shape of the man's face and natural hair line. If it is naturally round then you follow that natural hair line.

When it comes to styling of the hair, it is up to the man. There is not necessarily a style that will not work for a man's head. However, there will be things that they need to consider, like the shape of the head. Whylie points out that the shape of the head determines the way you might style the hair, for example with the fade.

"If there is a little rise at the back of the head then the fade should start at the ear. If it is at the crown of the head it makes the man look like he has on a cap," said Whylie.

When trimming the hair, if a man has a long face, he should choose a style that is round, as this will shorten the face instead of make it look even longer. The opposite is better for a round-face male. If he keeps it square, it will elongate the face.


Trending style


Currently, there are not many trending styles when it comes to a man's haircut. Most men who work in a corporate office tend to keep it simple with just a low haircut, almost bald. While this is the case, said Whylie, another trending style is the 'Usher', a modernised wider version of the mohawk.

"Young men also like the side part," she noted.

When it comes to her expert recommendation, Whylie believes that before getting a haircut every man should first consider the shape of his face and head. He is also never to forget his job and should

consider the flexibility of his work environment.

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