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Spoiler Alert: Women To Avoid Marrying

Published:Monday | March 30, 2015 | 12:30 AMKrysta Anderson

In the dating world, boy meets girl, initiates intention and then courts, making everything official with his female counterpart, before they both whisk off to living happily ever after. Some say a lot has changed since then while others are of the opinion that things have remained the same.

With many women stepping up to the plate and laying claim to their territory, there are a few to consider evaluating before saying I Do. Here is our list of 12 women to reflect on prior to walking down the aisle with:

1. The Chatterbox

Say no more: we expect a woman to be verbally expressive. As a matter of fact, there is nothing wrong with her speaking her mind of her goals, dreams, ambition and life overall. But there comes a certain point when talk becomes excessive that the content of chatter becomes littered with annoying random rants and complaints, which negatively affect and add very little value to her and or partner’s life. Chances are too, your business, whether good or bad, are discussed among all her friends, leaving nothing to the privacy of your potential marital home.

2. Baby Mama

Now, we are not saying that you could never marry a woman who has mothered children that do not belong to you. But be mindful of the drama that can follow this decision, on the part of parties outside as well as inside.

3. Overly Critical

It will be difficult to please a woman who is overly critical. She finds fault with just about everything you do, and reads into every situation like it is the end of the world. Drawing that out for the long haul may prove to be taxing for you, unless you have the patience of Job, and even then...

4. The Cheater

They say, once a cheater, always a cheater. That’s far from the truth, but if she has cheated on you not once, not twice, but on more occasions than you can count, then how will a ring stand in your way from getting hurt again? You do the math.

5. Pretty Dunce

All beauty and no brain behind it make for a lousy wife. Let’s face it, when father time catches up and he is undefeated, plastic surgery can do so much and no more. An intelligent woman however has brains for life and exudes beauty from within. Furthermore, you all have to talk to each other at some point, and talking to your wife shouldn’t feel like you’re talking to a wall.

6. High Maintenance

So, if she is accustomed to fine dining, but you’re more of a fast food kind of guy, although it is getting steeper on the pocket nowadays, then you may not be able to afford her when it comes to being married. Splurging on a dream wedding may not be enough; you will have to keep up the paradise for the rest of her life, and we all aren’t Bill Gates, so… you know how they say wear what you have? It’s best to date and marry who you can maintain.

7. The Clinger

If she is playing it close like butter plays toast (Thanks to the Notorious Big) then Houston, you have a clinging problem. Or how about this: if she accidentally gets smeared while you putting on your deodorant, then she really doesn’t know how to not be around you.

8. Gold Digger
As Kanye West once said, “I ain’t saying saying she a gold digger, but she ain’t messing with no broke ‘brother’.” So, if you have it like that and don’t mind treating your wife to the riches of the world, knowing full well that if you gold dries up, she is gone faster than tin food fly off shelves before a hurricane, then by all means, say I Do.

9. The one with unfinished business

This is the one who somehow can’t talking to and about her ex(es). While she may not compare you to them (and if she does, run for the hills) you hear so much, you feel you practically know the guys. The key is knowing whether or not she is carrying feelings: if the tales seem to have too much emotion, especially if she is relaying a good feeling. Then she might not be over it. 

10. The Drama Queen
If she is highly emotional, make a big deal of things not that huge, with tears following suit, and is perhaps a tad loud, you may be marrying a drama queen. Be prepared for that.

11. Spoiled Brat
This never gets old. If she grew up a spoiled brat, it would take a Damascus moment to change that. Best of luck to you.

12. The Jealous One/Miss Possessive
She is not necessarily clingy, as in she has to be by your side 24/7, but if she isn’t, there can’t be another female by your side. So say goodbye to going out on co-ed office trips, for example, and being trusted to do so on your own. And heaven forbid, you compliment another woman in her presence.