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Things You May Not Know About a Man's Best friend

Published:Monday | March 30, 2015 | 12:00 AMJody-Anne Lawrence and Cathy Risden

The penis is the part of a man's body that he most appreciates and men are not afraid to rant about their conquests. But do men know everything that there is to know about their genital, outside of it being a sex organ. We have found some information on www.webmd.com and www.ivillage.ca that might be very beneficial for every man to know about his 'best friend'.

1. Having an erection helps to maintain its length. Now, please, it did not say that having sex helps to maintain its length because whether or not you are having sex, a healthy man should have an erection. If he does not have one during the day, then he will experience between three and five full in the night, typically during the deep, rapid-eye movement phase of sleep. If a man has an erectile problem due to illness, then it is recommended that he get a pump or shrinkage might be the result by one to two centimetres.

2. Do not get cocky when you appear to be well-endowed when dead. There are men that grow to almost double the length while there are men that just grow a few inches. So the size of the penis definitely does not matter when it is not erected.

3. It's sensitive. The tip of the foreskin and the area on the underside of the penis, just below the glands, called the fraenulum, are the most sensitive areas of the penis. Sensitivity of the penis declines as the man gets older. While this is the case, men hardly take note of the lack of sensitivity, but they will take note of the lack of an erection.

4. A vibrator also helps men as it does with women. When a vibrator is placed at the underside of the head of the penis, this assists with ejaculation. This is predominantly used to assist men with spinal cord injuries or other delayed ejaculation problems.

5. The boomerang effect: The penis is twice as long as what one can see as it is shaped as a boomerang and half of it remains under the skin.

6. The penis harbours different bacteria. When a man is circumcised his penis is likely to have less.

7. Penile rupture: The most common cause of penile rupture because of vigorous masturbation.

8. Smoke can shorten your penis by one centimetre. Smoking clogs the arteries, including those that fill the penis with blood at that critical moment - smokers may have a harder time rising to the occasion.

9. Cold weather and cold water are a penis' mortal enemies. Testicles need to be warm to effectively make sperm and testosterone. On the other hand, the penis can have curves - it leans ever so slightly to the left or right when rigid. Some bend so dramatically or curve up or down that having sex is almost impossible. This is called the Peyronie's Disease and happens when the penis doesn't expand evenly during a hard-on.

10. What's blue balls? Prostatic congestion 'blue-balls' is the achiness in the testicles caused by 'trapped' blood. The belief is that sex is the only pain reliever, which is not the case - a warm shower or aspirin is a good reliever.