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A Match Made in Heaven

Published:Monday | April 13, 2015 | 12:00 AMMonique Simpson
“I definitely knew that Scott was the one,” said Jacqueline, adding, “He was different.”
The groom’s parents, Carl and Janet Murray.
The Bride’s mother, Geraldine Tomlinson, looks on happily.
The bridal party (from left), Maid of honour Sandrina Davis, bestman Frederick Lindsay, junior bride Valencia Porter, ringbearer D’Jaughn Brown, newly-weds Scott and Jacqueline Murray, Stefanie Bent, Livingston Beckford, Kevin Mitchell, and Monique Simpson.
After a well-planned blind date, Scott and Jacqueline tied the knot on April 4.

The handiwork of two meddlesome matchmakers came to fruition on Saturday, April 4, when Jacqueline Tomlinson and Scott Murray vowed their unending love and commitment to each other with more than 80 friends and family members as witnesses.

The meticulous pair - the sister of the groom and the bride's best friend - set to work for weeks swapping stats, photos, background info, preferences and pet peeves, about the unsuspecting singles.

When all seemed to fit the bill, a blind date was set up for the two to meet and the rest, as they say, is history.

"When I first saw Scott I looked him up and down and thought to myself, 'Hmm, this one is really from the country'," Jacqueline recalled. She added, "But I immediately fell in love with his height, which was something that totally blew me away."

As for Scott, "Wow! I struck gold! I liked the way she looked, the way she spoke, the way she walked up those stairs," Scott told Flair gushing about his bride.

Three years later, Scott decided he had to claim Jacqueline as his bride, so he planned - with the help of the scheming duo - an elaborate surprise engagement party at the Melting Pot restaurant at The Knutsford Court Hotel.

"I prayed to God asking him for exactly what I found in Jacqui, as in physically, I didn't know her mentally yet, but physically, she was everything that I wanted,"said Scott. He added, "She is a family person, you can see that her family loves her, and when you talk about family it's not just her blood family, but her friends who she calls her family."

After a moment of being overwhelmed and totally speechless, Jacqueline managed to say "Yes!". Wedding plans were set in motion and Sandrina Davis of Planzilla Events - Jacqueline's close friend and maid of honour - was given the task of making sure that everything about the chocolate-and-aqua-themed day was perfect.


'He was different'


"I definitely knew that Scott was the one," said Jacqueline, adding, "He was different. He wasn't pushy; he really showed an interest in the Lord, in church, and everything related to God. So I thought to myself, 'This different guy is really the one' ."

Last Saturday afternoon, at the University of the West Indies Chapel, a radiant Jacqueline was escorted to her anxious groom by her mother, Geraldine Tomlinson, in place of her late father.

"I really can't believe it," gushed the new Mrs Murray, "I can't believe we are actually at this point, and I would like him to know that I will try my utmost best to be a good wife, and a best friend, always. I will take care of him the way a wife should take care of her husband."

As for the groom, "I would like her to know that I will be the man who she can depend on to be there for the rest of her life. And I know that we will make a good couple, one that will be an example to many. I only plan to do this one time, so I have to make it work."

The reception was held at The Knutsford Court Hotel and Mr and Mrs Murray honeymooned at The Cardiff in Runaway Bay.