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Don't overdo the detox

Published:Monday | April 20, 2015 | 12:00 AM

Getting rid of toxins or detoxifying the body is a giant jump start for your health and a reboot for your metabolism. It involves the consumption of peculiar foods and green juices. However, how far is too far where detoxifying is concerned?

According to Kirk Bolton, nutrition consultant and president of Jamaica Association of Professionals in Nutrition and Dietetics (JAPINAD), the suggested effect of detoxification is to purify the system by removing toxins. The organs that facilitate detoxification or removal of waste, that are toxic to the system, are the liver, lungs, and kidneys. "Keep these organs in top shape and working order and the detoxification activities would be taken care of," said Bolton.

Many are said to have been using a popular method - lime/lemon and water - as a mini detox to flush the system before the first meal of the day. Bolton said that lime/lemon is rich in vitamin C which has antioxidant properties and said that persons who don't like to drink regular water, can squeeze a lime in it to make it more palatable. Be reminded that everything should be done in moderation.

Bolton said the body does not need any special diet to detoxify because it takes quite an effort to go on one of these detox diets. "You end up feeling hungry and as a result, weak. Most people experience the same effects of low energy once on a low-calorie and a nutrient-poor diet. People have to be careful of low blood sugar, especially diabetics," he noted.

He recommended the Jamaica Food Based Dietary Guidelines that provide tips on the different food groups and their consumption proportion. "This includes a significant increase of your intake of fruits and vegetables, and a reduction of your food from animals, while focusing on the lean types, and keep your fat intake significantly low," Bolton explained.

He also encouraged the consumption of legumes (peas and beans) and fibre by eating more whole grains and complex starches. He suggested that you should be mindful of the processed, salty, and sugary foods you consume and set targets to drink more water daily. "To ensure proper circulation and removal of waste, do not forget to exercise. These detox diets are usually restrictive and rigid and involve eating the same thing during such a regime. Some of these regimes recommend supplements and various herbs and an increase in your shopping expenses." Bolton told Flair.

This will eliminate the amount of toxins the body stores, illuminating the need for starving yourself during a detox.

Bolton advises that before you start a restrictive and rigid detox diet, you should consult a professional at JAPINAD, which is located at 6 Caledonia Avenue (on the Nuttall Memorial Hospital compound) or call (876) 345-FOOD (3663) or email us at or visit their website at or their Facebook page at: