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Pressing with Love

Published:Monday | April 20, 2015 | 12:00 AMJody-Anne Lawrence
Llourel Beckford and partner Brian Campbell burning some calories on the stationary bicyle.
Nari and Trisha Williams-Singh dancing up a storm.

Gym life is not always the easiest thing to keep up day to day, but coupling up sometimes gives you the best of both worlds.

Working out alone can be boring and if you are not seeing the results you want soon enough, it can be demotivating. However, working out as a couple can truly give you the push that you need to keep going.

Brian Campbell and his partner, Llourel Beckford, have only been working out together for a few months. They are already reaping the rewards.

Campbell has known the owner for Velocity Wellness Centre, Rupert Johnson, for a while, and has always been into fitness. On the other hand, Beckford was not, but decided that she wanted to lose some weight, and Campbell introduced her to the gym.

Working out together is something that both believed has worked in their favour, especially for Beckford as she mentioned that it was great to have someone in her corner, and because he helps her with the nutrition aspect as well.

Campbell admits that working out together is an added bonus for the couple as it is an opportunity to bond. This is something that veteran workout couple Trisha and Nari Williams-Singh know all too well.

Being a career couple, working out in the gym together gives them regular 'date mornings' throughout the week. What started out as a workout challenge for the couple to get in shape for their wedding day has turned into a lifelong bonding process.

Like Campbell, and his partner, working out together is great motivation for the Williams-Singhs. Where one falls short, the other pulls them up. It helps them to see the results that they are working for faster and better since both are dedicated to a healthy lifestyle.


Advantages to



working out together:


Motivation. Having your partner cheer you on is something that will help you to push harder during your workout, even when you are not in the mood to work out.

Keep you on track. They will be there along the way on the journey, thus you will not feel like you are suffering along but rather working together for a greater reward.

Team work. When you are working with your partner, it will allow you to do more at once. You tend to enjoy the workout more and 'time flies when you are having fun.'

Bonding. It does not only strengthen your muscles, but also your relationship as it pulls you closer together.