Tue | Jan 24, 2017

Work out Glow

Published:Monday | April 20, 2015 | 12:00 AMJody-Anne Lawrence

We exercise because we want to bulk up, slim down or just keep fit. But exercise has an added bonus that we all can love and appreciate - healthy skin.

A jog may seem like a good way to burn calories, but according to Nutritionist Kirk Bolton, it also causes you to sweat, unclogging your pores. This helps to reduce acne breakouts.

Some aerobics will not only get the heart pumping and the blood flowing, it will also keep you glowing. "By increasing the blood flow, you are nourishing the skin. The blood will be able to carry more nutrients through the body and to the skin," explains Bolton.

Nutrients to the skin means healthy-looking skin.

Bolton explained that being the largest organ means that the skin will hold the most toxins, which is an indication of how healthy you are. The increase in blood flow also assists with removing toxins from the body and, as a result, leaves your skin looking healthier. Individuals who suffer from both acne and eczema will benefit from this process.

Bolton notes that the blood does not detoxify the body. However, it assists with fighting build-up, which is why along with a good work out, a healthy diet is important.

Beauty is from head to toe and inside out. Therefore, a good exercise or light weight-lifting will assist with maintaining tight skin and decreasing the development of wrinkles.

So do something to get the heart pumping and it may be the best skincare regime you could ever have.