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Making Your Mark

Published:Monday | April 27, 2015 | 12:00 AM

Every woman is different and taking her to that place of ultimate pleasure during intercourse is a very important factor in the relationship. Taking her there is also something she needs, and sometimes the map is not always clear.

Sometimes it takes a little foreplay to get your woman to really enjoy the sexual experience. However, what is true for all is that listening to her and reading her body language will have that mission accomplished in explosive fashion. Here are a few of our readers' views on how to have a woman orgasm every time.

p I have known my husband for at least 15 years and though we did not get physical immediately, when it did, it was well worth the wait. Having been together for so long, we have managed to grow together sexually, continuously teaching the other. What I love about my husband is the attention he pays to detail. He is quite thorough and never leaves a spot untouched, and that is how he ensures I get to cloud nine, and beyond, every time.

- Vanessa Samuels*

p It is the little things; the way he touches me, the things he whispers in my ear that just help to take me over the edge. The little things help in a massive way.

- Daniel Powell*

p It is not a hurry thing. It needs to be passionate, but who says passionate has to be slow? He just needs to hit the right spot.

- Andrea James*

p For me, sex starts before intercourse. It is the intimacy, the build-up, the foreplay, and the way you talk to me. That and then you listen, not only to my words but to my body.

- Leslie Oneal*

p The secret to truly giving me an orgasm is hidden within the clitoris and if he focuses on it, all will be revealed.

- Katherine Wilson*

p I like when there is some dirty talk in the mix. That does it for me.

- Renae Clarke*

p Touch and being able to take

instructions are very important. I will leave it at that.

- Janice Remekie*

* Names changed upon request