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Mark Anthony's Boutique and Design Studio

Published:Monday | April 27, 2015 | 12:05 AMKrysta Anderson
The fashionable Mark Anthony is never without his tape measure.
The red and blue suit epitomises high fashion at its finest.
Store owner and fashion designer Mark Anthony Scott is seen adjusting a Mark Anthony original shirt on the mannequin.
Black and white has never looked so good!
This suave blue shirt and tie, with trendy socks just need a pair of cool pants to pull off the complete Mark Anthony look.
Mark Anthony gives grey a pop of colour with radiant red.
Mark Anthony Scott crafting up a new design at his workstation.
Mark Anthony designs.

His customers have been asking for it and now Mark Anthony has answered with his very own store dedicated to his fashion forward designs.

For those who are unfamiliar with Mark Anthony designs, let’s get you up to speed. Mark Anthony is a male fashion designer, who describes his designing style as chic, with clean lines similar to that of European designs. Known for rocking the runway with shirts, pants and suits, he recently branched out with a fashionable sock line-Fashionable Trendy  Feet, and they all now have a home- Mark Anthony Boutique and Design Studio.

Flair Magazine sat down with the fashion designer last week in his new home, as he tells us how he took his dream to a higher level.  “It was really my customers and potential customers who motivated me to make this move, since they’ve been the ones asking “Where is the store?'” he explained.

He continued, “Over the years, I’ve been working from the comfort of my home, designing on a day to day basis, getting into my car and carrying the end result to my customers. Some appreciate the special delivery service, but others wanted to go into a physical space, feel the clothes and get to try them on so I created the avenue just for that. Plus I'm easily accessible this way since I'm always here."

And while he's there, he gets to indulge in what he loves do, especially designing shirts. He explains to Flair the deciding factor of whether a suit should be dressed up or down is shirt, and many men also find it difficult to acquire the ideal fitting shirt for their body type, having either too long hands and torso or too short, so he is filling the gap by providing this service.

Another service which he offers is a customised express service with a one to three day turnaround. If you come into the store by 11 a.m. and choose the shirt or pants you like, you can get measured  and get your outfits in a few days (pending work load of course).

He also has plans for his one of a kind gift certificate which will take the form of a swipe card. You go in, purchase the card, and decide what amount you want on it. The recipient can retrieve the value from the store, whether on shirts, pants, socks, or a suit. As a bonus, having redeemed the card, there will be a five to 10 per cent discount with every swipe. The cars will be available just in time for Father’s Day.

The store functions as his work studio as well, so there is no real duplication of a design because they are all uniquely different, “I customise and personalise, so if you have something in mind as long as it’s not a costume, I will make it,” he affirmed.

But Anthony will in the coming months also be catering to the fairer sex in starting a female line.  He has already started dolling up their feet with trendy female socks and is looking to progress to dressing those form-fitting curves.

A stickler for detail, Anthony confessed that the challenge he has had so far has been financial because he has done everything out of pocket, but he presses on through his passion in good faith, with high hopes to satisfy the needs of his customers.

For those not knowing what to expect, Anthony guarantee a fresh, exciting and comfortable customised shirts, and limited edition socks at an affordable price, at a convenient location in New Kingston ideal for those wanting to stop by in the morning, during their lunch break or work, to have a ‘look-see’, make a purchase or two, and go back to their busy day.

And as far as expansion goes, he is looking to also open another store in Montego Bay.

See anything that you love here? Well, you can visit Mark Anthony Boutique and Design Studio at 10 Argyle Road, Kingston 10 and contact him at Tel: (876) 808-3665 or 290-4398 via email at or check out their Facebook page at Mark Anthony.