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Exploring helpful hints for Children

Published:Monday | May 11, 2015 | 12:00 AM

Child Month is being celebrated under the theme 'Children's safety and security - our priority' and as part of that celebration, Flair brings you tips to help in caring for and protecting your young ones.


Nap time


o To allow a mother a few extra hours' sleep, put a little of the mother's perfume on the baby's sheets or pillow. He or she will smell the mother's scent and feel safe and content.


o Keep a heating pad or hot-water bottle close to the baby's crib and when he or she wakes up in the night to be fed, put the pad on the mattress. When you put the baby down, his bed will be warm and he will settle down more quickly. Be sure to remove heating pad.


For your sick



or hurt child


o To remove a splinter from a child's finger, soak the injured part in cooking oil for few minutes. Applying an ice cube to the affected area for several minutes will numb it and allow the splinter to be removed painlessly. Then you can kiss it and make it all better.


o To eliminate the 'ouch' when removing adhesive tape from your child's skin, just saturate a piece of cotton with baby oil and rub over the tape. It will come right off without hurting the skin or pulling their tiny little hairs.


Safety tips


o Even adults sometimes walk into closed, sliding glass doors. To help children avoid this hazard, place a piece of coloured tape on the glass at eye level to alert your little ones when the door is closed.


o If your baby tries to sneak outside from time-to-time, try the old 'doorbell' trick. Tie a small bell to the door. You will always be able to hear when the door is being opened.


Graduating from crib to bed


o Eliminate your fears of injury when your child graduates from crib to a full-size bed by putting the crib mattress on the floor next to the bed. If the child falls out, he will be startled but not hurt.




o Use baby's infant seat for bathing in the bathtub. Remove the pad and buckle strap and place a large folded bath towel on the seat and on the bathtub floor (to prevent slipping). Place baby in seat, and run water into tub. Now you can use both hands.

o When a child is past the baby stage, but is too small for the tub, a plastic clothes basket with holes in it is ideal. Run several inches of water into tub, place the basket in it and set your child in the basket.


Calming an angry child


o Whispering works wonders when a child is angry. Simply whisper gentle words into his or her ear. Your child will stop crying so he or she can hear what you are saying.

Reference: Mary Ellen's Best of helpful hints by Mary Ellen Pinkham and Pearl Higginbotham