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Getting 'bootiful'

Published:Monday | May 11, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Personal trainer Debbie Hall demonstrates the lateral/side lunges workout that can be done at home. It’s the perfect exercise that engages all of the three butt muscles – gluteus maximus, minimus and medius.
Debbie demonstrates the King of butt exercises. It engages all the butt muscles – 12-15 squats at a time are recommended for beginners.
Debbie assists Danielle as she performs the hip abductor on the hip abductor machine. The weight on this machine can be increased.
Danielle demonstrates glute kickbacks on the gluteus kickback machine. This targets the largest butt muscles – Gluteus maximus and the hamstring.
Stability ball reverse extension exercise strengthens the lower back and entire glute muscles. Debbie demonstrates.
Debbie performs glute kickbacks that targets where the glute and hamstring meet.
Danielle Thompson performing squats on the Smith Machine – still engaging all the muscles, while strengthening the arms with a 60-lbs weight across her shoulders.

Having that ultimate figure is every woman's dream, and that includes getting the perfect derrière. Some choose to pay for a quick fix, while others spend long hours in the gym or at home perfecting it.

Just so you know, you don't have to be born with it. It can be made. On a recent visit to Spartan Health Club, Personal Trainer Debbie Hall demonstrated the resistant training needed to get bootilicious.

The most popular exercise is the squat, known as the 'King of all butt exercises' and 'butt builder'. It works the three main butt muscles - the gluteus maximus being the largest, minimus, and medius, which we use every day when we sit.

This exercise engages a lot more muscles than just the glutes. It engages and works the core (stomach), hamstring (behind the thigh), quad (front of the thigh), the calf muscles and the lower back. The hip abductor, walking lunges, hip bridge, kickbacks and stiff legs, also focus on one or all three butt muscles.



- Hall noted that because the butt is made up of solid muscle, resistance workouts will result in firmer muscles and a nice aesthetic round shape.


- A nice, round, aesthetic, firm butt.


- With a strong butt, you are less likely to feel stiffness or tightness in the back, knee or hips. This also prevents muscle problems.

- Squat exercises keep core engaged. This gives you a strong core which you need as it's the powerhouse of the body which you engage in everything you do.


Building strong bones


With more than 17 years of experience, Hall notes that a lot of women are afraid of working out, believing that it will make them too toned and lose their feminine appearance.

"As women, we can only get toned to a certain extent. The fact that we have a minimum amount of testosterone, unless taking steroids or supplements and training for a body building competition, we can lift all the weights we want - which we should - and not get 'tough', Hall explained.

Hall said that she strongly encourage women to work out and not be fearful of lifting weight. "It results in strong bones; plus, the more muscles you have the less fat you will store," she adds. So let's get to work.