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From Hollywood to Honeymoon: The Hughes’ Love Journey

Published:Monday | May 11, 2015 | 12:00 AM
The Hughes family photo: Bride and groom Carletta and O’Neil Hughes, along with their children – bridesmaid and daughter Imani Davis; ring bearer and son Kingston Hughes; and bridesmaid and daughter Ziyah Hughes.
The blushing bride being escorted down the aisle by her father, Glynn Hagins.
Parents of the groom: Father Jim Hughes and mother Olive Adams beam with great pride with their son, O’Neil Hughes.
The groom, O’Neil Hughes, stands proudly in beige and brown.

Love can happen in the unlikeliest of places, but for couple Carletta Hagins and O'Neil Hughes, they found long and lasting love at a club, Hollywood Nights to be exact.

Carletta confessed that she really didn't want to go out in the first place, but decided to accompany her cousins and sisters on a girls night out to a club in Florida. It was there that O'Neil met her. Out for his friend's birthday celebrations, O'Neil and his friends ended up at the same club, standing by the same bar as the girls. Being gentlemen, the men offered the girls something to drink and Carletta opted for a bottle of water and returned to her table with her girls, but not before she was trailed by O'Neil, along with his friends.

In retrospect, they both admitted that Carletta had put up more than a fair share of resistance, joining forces with her sister, but O'Neil stood his ground, determined to know more about this beauty. In a turn of events, Carletta and O'Neil talked and danced that night, then he walked her to her car. It was the very next day which sealed their relationship. "He offered breakfast the night and I said 'No', but the next day when he called, we ended up meeting for breakfast," Carletta told Flair.

According to Oneil, "We decided to meet for breakfast at Denny's Restaurant with her cousin. We ate, talked and laughed the entire time," O'Neil said.

Moving in at a crossroads

Carletta, who was at first fascinated by O'Neil's accent, noted that for her, moving in together is what took their relationship to the next level, "I felt we made our relationship official when we decided to move in with one another. Following the move, came our first bundle of joy."

Three children later, they found themselves at a crossroads, so to speak, but fate had different plans. Carletta shared, "We separated for four years but always found ourselves in each other's company, still worrying about one another. We became friends again co-parenting, and found that the love we had for each other was never lost. We just needed time to grow and mature, and we found a new respect and unconditional bond in God that is incredible."

For O'Neil, he explained that once he saw that he couldn't live without Carletta after their first separation, he knew he needed to make her his wife, or he may lose her again for good, "I didn't want to be just her children's father. I wanted to make sure I was her husband," and set the plan in motion for a proposal they both would never ever forget.

Planned Proposal

On September 17, 2013, O'Neil stepped up to the plate and asked her parents and their children for their blessing. Everyone in the immediate family was made aware of the proposal.

"O'Neil came to my place of employment and asked me to meet him in the parking garage to bring me my car from getting it detailed. I met up with him to switch cars and we started talking, and he asked me what I thought about us getting married. I was like, 'What are you talking about? We are not together.' He said 'That's not what I asked, if I ask you today, would you marry me? What would you say?' I laughed and said 'Whatever. You don't have a ring, so I can't answer a question without the proper proposal.' I then went to get something out of the car and when I turned around, he was down on his knee in the parking garage with a ring. He said, 'Now, would you marry me?' I asked him if he was serious and exclaimed 'Yes, now let me see this ring.' We laughed, kissed and hugged. I couldn't believe we went from not dating to engaging all in one day," explained the then bride to be.

Sunset Wedding

Their sunset wedding took place on March 19, 2015, at the Hilton Rose Hall Resort in Montego Bay. Approximately 70 guests witnessed their special ceremony in the West Garden Gazebo.

Following the wedding, their eight-day honeymoon saw them embarking on the next chapter as husband and wife on a cruise with Carnival Liberty, leaving Port Canaveral, Florida, to travel to St Thomas, St Kitts, St Maarten, British Tortola and finally docking in Puerto Rico, before flying back to Florida.