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Sandals by Reeci's Pieces

Published:Monday | May 11, 2015 | 12:00 AM

Summer is right around the corner and what better way to ring in the highly anticipated season than by indulging in the Reeci's Pieces collection.

Sandals by Reeci's Pieces has made a fashionable mark in the local market, taking an outfit from drab to absolutely fab. The brand's versatility is top notch - ideal for the tropical oasis in which we reside as well as abroad.

Sharece Henry told Flair that she started the company last year when she decided to take some time off from university. "I was experiencing financial difficulties, which hindered me from being able to pay my fees on time to complete the semester. I decided that if I was going to be out of school, then I would use the time off to do something productive which would generate some income," she explained.

Embarking on her very own clothing line was something Henry had always dreamed of. After handing in her leave of absence, a family friend asked her what she was going to do. Henry told of her business plan, and the family friend moved by the proposal, decided to lend a helping hand by giving her some start-up money, and it was there that the dream Reeci's Pieces became a sweet reality.

The name Reeci's Pieces came easy, since this was a nickname she got while in high school. What she didn't see coming was a baby company to her clothing line.

With prayer and perseverance, her breakaway line Sandals by Reeci's Pieces was born. "My inspiration for my line comes from what's trending in the fashion industry. At the time I did my first sandals, which was in the early summer 2014, the gladiator style was very popular and loved. I used that strap concept and added my own twist to it," she revealed.


newest design - Simula


Today, her newest design, which made its grand debut in April, is the Simula Design (Simula is a filipino word which means Genesis - the origin/the start of something new). The Simula has three fixed genuine leather straps across the toe, between the big toe and a long strap at the back of the sandals. It also has a short tie strap around the ankle that can be changed to different colours.

These sandals with changeable straps allow for them to be customised to match any outfit. The sandals can be tied or designed in many different ways.

With another design coming out in mid summer, Henry hopes that her business will expand with more lines, and that one day she will have a store or franchise to build her fashion empire.

Her advice to budding fashion entrepreneurs - pray, believe in yourself, and depend on God to work miracles.

Any of these sandal designs catching your eye? Well, hit up Sharece Henry on her instagram @reecispieces or email any queries or orders at