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Taking the blind plunge

Published:Monday | May 11, 2015 | 12:00 AMJody-Anne Lawrence

In the search for love, many of us take different routes searching for the love of our life in everyday encounters; while many search blindly.

Our friends sometimes think they have found the perfect one for us and set us up on a blind date in the hopes of making a love connection. Sometimes these situations go wrong, not because of lack of a connection, but rather the expectations that some go into these dates with.

Our readers who have braved the blind-date scene, shared their stories with us.

o I was supposed to have a group date with friends. I asked a male friend of mine to accompany me, but he said he was unable to make it so a girlfriend asked someone to come along that she thought I would be interested in. She was so right! He was tall and very attractive and he thought that I was cute, too. It was going well when my friend who said that he was busy decided to show up. How best can I say this - awkward? So I had to be cordial to the friend and told him I found a replacement because he never told me that he had changed his mind. I saw him a few more times, but we never officially dated. He is still a very good friend.

- Janet King*

o I am about four feet 11 inches tall, and I was told (my blind date) was tall, but when we met, I realised she was about six feet and about 300 pounds. It was little me beside a giant. I looked up and could barely see her face. We never bothered to even go through with the date. We spoke for a short while and then said goodbye.

- David Dunn*


o So I was set up with this girl, and I think that my expectations were just high based on the impression I had gotten. So when I saw her, I said to myself, 'She is not attractive at all'. We went to the movies and as soon as it was over, I told her bye and left. It was just an uncomfortable night. However, I spoke to her after and even saw her after that and she did not seem that unattractive, so I think it was my expectations rather than her that made everything so awkward.

- Timothy Gray*


o So, I did not know I was even going on a blind date. I thought I was going to a party. Turns out it was a coupled-up blind date with three couples. We played pool and other board games before coupling off. Mine took me to the great outdoors where we engaged in cat and mouse followed by a little tongue action.

- Alexandria Wisdom*


o Everything was quiet and the night was going great, but the blind date crashed and burned when he decided to push the envelope by wanting more. I was no fan of a one night stand, so I graciously declined his offer, requested more time to get to know him, giving him hopes that it could possibly happen at a later date. Let's just say that was my first and last time seeing him in a romantic light, and I am happy for that.

- Wendy Allman*


o Well, my friend told me about a girl but he never told me that she was fat. I was curious and I decided that I would meet her over Skype. She told me she liked my smile which was nice at first, but the way she kept going on it seemed obsessive. Eventually, she said she was going to get something to eat. When she put down the computer, I saw that she could barely get off the bed because of her size - it was a complete deal breaker. I logged off and shut down my Skype account.

- Anthony Mullings*


* Names changed upon request