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Keeping it Fresh Faced

Published:Monday | May 18, 2015 | 12:00 AMJody-Anne Lawrence
Zeena Beharrie has a clean fresh look. For ladies who are not so much into make-up this is an easy everyday look for you. Fill in your eyebrows with a brown pencil, add a little powder, for a playful touch make a small cat eye and never be caught without your lip gloss.
An easy way to transiiton from day to night make-up. Chinel Lee's light smoky eyes will be good for girls night on the town but not too much for your day job.
Who said you can't go bold and be professional. Renee Bryan stays true to the rule of thumb bold lips go with soft eyes, yet keeping it fresh and beautiful.

College is done and it is time for you to enter the work world, and while fashion changes, you will always need to dress to impress, and your best accessory is your face. However, you are young and you do not need to dab on a lot of make-up because you have nothing to hide. All you need is a little touch to keep that 'pretty on fleek'.

Remember this rule of thumb: strong eyes, light lips; or strong lips, and go easy on the eyes. It is best that you apply as little as possible make-up at this time. Go light on powder and foundation because you do not want to look like a child playing dress up.

Make-up artist Kimberly Patterson helped accomplish a bold, day-to-night, and a fresh-faced look for new professionals.


Renee Bryan

Chinel Lee

Zeena Beharrie

Make-up artist

Kimberly Patterson



Instagram: @makeupbykimberlypatterson