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Groom's participation

Published:Monday | June 1, 2015 | 12:00 AM

Weddings can be stressful, and if left up to one person, can become overwhelming. Traditionally, weddings were planned by both parents of the bride and groom. But, today that job is performed by either bride and/or groom and a wedding planner. The norm is that the bride is the front runner and many joke that all the groom has to do is show up.

But for our special wedding issue, Flair opted to find out how involved the grooms are in the wedding planning process.


Leon Ffrench (December 7, 2014)


"While my wife focused on her studies, I coordinated, planned, and got her approval before making some decisions. With little help from the bridal party, I delegated a team of coordinators who assisted in arranging transportation, catering, organising photos and videography, seating and logistics, designing the programmes, and music selection.

"She just kept calm and allowed me to do what I do best and didnt become a bridezilla. I freelance as a wedding coordinator, photographer, and videographer, so the layout concepts and planning were not new to me."


Joel Jumpp (July 27, 2014)


"Both my wife and I planned our wedding from start to finish. Some days, I would go on the road and check out prices and then discuss them with her. She actually chose the colours, because I know nothing about colours. I was in Kingston and she was in Mandeville, so I had to shop at L.P. Azar to try and get the lowest price.

"We chose the church and reception venue together and got our families involved. Her pastor actually told us that planning the wedding together was our first major assignment - to see if we could work together and were fit to get married. He later got involved with a checklist and tightened any loose ends that were left. We also got a lot of help from her sister who helped us with invitations. It was a family affair."


Jason Sawyers (December 29, 2014)


"Due to the fact that I was working at the time, I was not as involved as I wanted to be. She had chosen two locations for the ceremony, so I went and looked at them - a garden setting and a balcony. She liked the garden setting but due to financial constraints had already paid down on the balcony. So, I surprised her and paid for the setting she really wanted - the garden, and gave her the cocktail hour she wanted as we were not having a formal reception. She also didn't know my mother was coming so I surprised her with that as well."


Claude McCalla (December 17, 2011)


My then fiancée was living in Canada at the time so I had to do a lot of the work from here (Jamaica). She made most of the venue arrangements via telephone and email. I took the measurement of my bestman and groomsmen and sent to her because she could get a reasonable package in Canada. I also ensured that I communicated with her and helped with most of the decision making.