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Mould the perfect dress with House of Clay

Published:Monday | June 1, 2015 | 12:00 AM

By the age of 12 most, if not every, girl has pictured herself getting married. As a matter of fact, some begin to make notes on the style and colour of the dress they will walk down the aisle in. While they usually choose the traditional dresses resembling that of a Disney princess, today most brides opt for the super chic, 'unfussy' options.

Local designer House of Clay has been specialising in wedding dresses of such a nature - luxurious, edgy, customised and sophisticated. For the past five years, the power couple Kavan, CEO and Keisha Allen, creative director, has been assisting anxious brides-to-be with finding the most important dress they'll ever wear. "I want women to feel beautiful, flawless and confident when they wear our dresses. We ensure that our dresses are structured in such a way that the Clay woman never has to worry about their flaws while wearing one," shared Keisha.

House of Clay is currently working on streamlining their occasions line - cocktail/ evening/bridesmaids dresses - and the launch of a website to accommodate the purchase of dresses in standard sizes from anywhere in the world.


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