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Why I said yes to this dress

Published:Monday | June 1, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Phillicia Rose.
Yashima Lawrence
Tamia Carey
Sara Stanford
Kaycia Johnson-Vaughan
Kaycia Johnson-Vaughan
Kaycia Johnson-Vaughan


Sara Stanford


This was not supposed to be my perfect dress. My perfect dress was supposed to be a sexy, fitted mermaid gown with lots of bling. I tried on dress after dress after dress. Finally, I found what I 'thought' was 'the one'- a strapless, fitted mermaid gown with a beaded belt.

I was ecstatic! Until I got home. I began obsessing over other dresses online. Every dress I saw was prettier, sexier, and had more bling than mine, and the list goes on. I eventually fell out of love with my dress and was determined to find the dress that made me smile. I walked into a bridal shop a few months later and decided I was going to keep an open mind. Ballgown, A-line ... you name it, I was not going to rule it out.

And there she was on the rack, almost like she was calling my name - my dress - my beaded, layered organza ball gown beauty with tons of bling. When I put it on, I had a feeling I never had in the other gown - a feeling of perfection. I knew without a doubt that I had just found the gown I was going to marry the love of my life in and it was beautiful.

I suggest to every bride, that they should never settle. When you find the one, that one perfectly fitted gown that makes you feel like a million bucks, that is when you stop looking.

Kaycia Johnson-Vaughan

I chose to design my dress because I wanted to incorporate elements from other designs which I liked. I also wanted something which was body-hugging, had a little bling and lace, which was a bridal trend at the time (still is). While shopping, I couldn't find a dress that had all the elements I like. I would like the bottom but not the top, so I decided to design my dress. Uzuri International has designed dresses for me in the past, so I met with them and we worked it out and, in the end, my dress was exactly what I wanted.

Lajean Lee

"When I saw this sweetheart it took my breath away! The dress gave me an unbelievable glow I couldn't have imagined and right then and there I knew there was no way I could not have said yes to this dress. I've always heard about Petals and Promises for a very long time.

Shortly after my engagement, I was reintroduced to the name through the Kingston Bridal Week Expo. When I got to the store, I was greeted by warm smiles and, right away, felt right at home. The experience only got better from there as they took the time out to pay keen attention to the ideas and thoughts that I had for my dream dress. From then on, there was a smooth transition to the different steps in the process to choosing my dream dress and it was at that point I felt a sense of security in knowing that Petals and Promises was the right place to make that dream a reality.

Yashima Lawrence

In keeping with my style, I wanted a dress that was elegant but relatively simple with very few embellishments. This dress from Petals and Promises was exactly what I had in mind- the cut was very flattering with beautiful lace work for just the right amount of glam. They had several great options, but this one was the one.

Tamia Carey

I designed and made my own wedding dress. I tried on a few and became very overwhelmed ready made bridal dresses and became very overwhelmed, and I didn't feel that magical moment and none of them represented me as an individual. I started searching the web for lighter more tropical gowns with texture and details I liked, but the cost was astronomical!

I fell in love with the texture and details of the crotchet- not only was it elegant, but the nude peeping through gave me the pear shaped silhouette that I wanted. I found out I could get it made here. Sara Stanford of Bliss Bridal imported all the bling to go around the neck line and to be used for my shoulders,I also had to import the nude liner and threads. I found a woman who specialised in crotchet for more than 30 years and could make my dream come true. It took her a month to produce the dress. My aunt, Joan Prince, tailored the shape to fit - as crotchet doesn't stretch and has to be hand sewn for alterations. Was I happy with the end result? No I was ecstatic - the night before, when I did my final fitting I was in tears. I really don't think anyone should settle, try many dresses. Jamaica has great talent and my dress is proof!

Phillicia Rose

Having been a former wedding consultant at David's Bridal in Canada, I had seen it all as it related to wedding dresses, and this made it even more difficult for me to choose as I wanted a dress that I had never seen before. After more than a year of searching and trying on many dresses, I finally found my dream dress in the very last one I tried on. I fell in love with the princess ball gown dress designed by Alfred Sung.

My strong attraction to the dress was surprising as it was totally different from what I had wanted originally which was the fitted mermaid look. This dress captivated me because of the way it made me feel and how it projected my personality. When I tried on this dress I felt so much joy inside, and I didn't want to take it off. But most of all, I thought about what my mother would think of the dress if she were alive and there with me. I knew she would have loved it and this gave me a sense of peace.

Nikeba Machie-Dawkins

My wedding dress was an elegant mermaid with a hugging bodice. The dress was perfect for my outdoors adventurous wedding that took place on the streets of Manhattan. I choose the dress for its fitting silhouette and detailed bead work. It was perfect for running around the city taking photos and very comfortable. My dress was just the right style, colour, design, and price all in one.