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Roses in Bloom

Published:Monday | June 8, 2015 | 12:00 AM
The fun-loving couple created memories on Caymans Golf course.
The couple dancing down the aisle.
The couple's gorgeous wedding cake made by the groom's mother and aunt - Jennifer Rose and Audrey Allen; and decorated by the bride's aunt, Karen Gibson.
The happy couple after tying the know after being together for nine years.
The gorgeous bride.
The happy couple surrounded by their bridal party.
Best Man Romaine Walton shows his newly married friends, Phillicia and Orlando, how to celebrate.
Jennifer Rose, mother of the groom; Cheryl Cox, Phillicia’s step-mother; and Roy Rose march up the aisle.
A very pleased Calvin Cox walks his daughter down the aisle.

Phillicia Cox and Orlando Rose met in the summer of 2006 when Orlando had a summer job in a store in the Constant Spring malls. Phillicia was a customer and recalled having seen him somewhere else before that. They talked and began communicating from time to time.

Phillicia migrated to Canada in November that year, but the friendship continued. Orlando's long-distance calls moved from once per month to weekly, and soon, Phillicia began to expect his call almost every day. She was impressed with Orlando's commitment to their friendship.

After two years of building their friendship, they both acknowledged their feelings had changed, and made the decision to begin a courting relationship in December 2008. The distance made it very difficult, but they persevered through faith, prayer and the hope of a future together.

After leaving Jamaica in 2006, Phillicia next saw Orlando face to face in 2009 when she returned to the island. It was two years later before they saw each other again in 2011 in New York, and then again in 2012 when Orlando visited his family in Canada.

In 2013, Orlando made a surprise visit to Canada where he crashed her girls' night out birthday party.

The engagement

The engagement in Orlando's words:

"My visit to Canada was a surprise. I was walking to her house when she happened to have also been walking on the other side of the street going in the opposite direction with her brother. I saw her do a double take, then she called out my name - as if to see if it really was me. When I responded, she started jumping with excitement before bursting into tears. Later that evening, I returned to her house and crashed her all girls' birthday party. Her friends knew my plan, but she was totally unaware and slightly confused by my presence.

After they each toasted her, I told her I had a gift for her. Her response was, 'But you gave me a gift already'. I had hidden the ring in the box in a grocery bag, and when I took it out and went on my knees, she totally freaked out. She was so ecstatic and overcome with various emotions, her friends had to tell her to respond to my question. She then said 'ask me again' and after then she said 'yes'. I was happy and relieved."

After the proposal, Phillicia visited Orlando in Jamaica twice in 2014, and finally tied the knot on May 16, 2015.

Phillicia, a graduate of York University, Canada, with a bachelors degree in psychology, is currently employed by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care in Ontario. Orlando is a graduate of the University of Technology with a bachelors in computing and information technology, and is currently employed by Jamaica Infrastructure Operator in Jamaica.

Both Orlando and Phillicia were brought up in homes that taught strong Christian values, and are a true testament to the endurance of love. They believe that when God is the head of your life, all things will fall in place.

The wedding

The wedding theme was Roses in Bloom. The design of the invitations, floral arrangements, and cake all maintained the roses theme. Everything was gorgeous. Their focus was on making it fun and memorable. So instead of simply proceeding down the aisle, they danced down the aisle to Bruno Mars' Just the Way You Are. The ceremony was officiated by Pastor Donovan Cole of the Calvary Gospel Assembly on Sundown Crescent. He reminded the couple and the audience of the importance of unity in marriage and centralising and pursuing that which is for the common good, rather than selfish acts which only benefit one.

The reception was held at the Caymanas Golf Club with photos taken on the course.

The cake was made by the groom's mother and aunt - Jennifer Rose and Audrey Allen; and decorated by the bride's aunt, Karen Gibson.

They shared their first dance to Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheerhan. The couple honeymooned at Kuyaba in Negril.