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Beauty in Your Flaws and All

Published:Monday | June 15, 2015 | 12:00 AMJody-Anne Lawrence
Keisha Cameron: When I was growing up, I had the biggest pair of lips in my class. Persons use to make fun of me because of it, and I always wished they were smaller somehow. But then how would smaller lips look on my size face? (LOL). The older I got, the more I appreciated them because I’ve fallen in love with lipstick especially Mac matte lipsticks and they just pop when I smile. I absolutely consider them my best feature next to my single dimple. I see people doing lip plumping activities and I think 'yay me, I don’t have to do that, im all natural'. I just love them now.
Denise McDonald: I used to think my lips were too big but now I think it is cute and sexy. I have an awesome smile.
Carlene Green, " I wished I was more generously endowed in the bosom area but that wasn't to be facial wise, I think the width of my nose could be less but, what to do? With that said, I try to reflect on the constant compliments I received on my body and I use this a fuel for my confidence knowing that, I'm beautifully and perfectly created."
Terry-Ann Douglas: The flaw I believe is my ' big nose' however, the shape of my face compliments the size of my nose and as such I have grown and learnt to appreciate 'my nose' as is.
Kasheena Minott: I have a huge nose but it is a Minott nose and I have grown to love my last name and all that comes with it.
Yaundeen Wright: As a result of myopia (one eyeball bigger than the other) I believed that my eyes were my most unattractive feature. However, I have survived puberty with a myriad of tributes from admirers. I discovered that my eyes were indeed the windows to my soul. My eyes illuminates my inner beauty and now I absolutely love my eyes.

It is said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but, too often, we look in the mirror and feel flawed when we are not.

We tend to continuously find flaws with our features - my eyes are too big, my lips are too plump or my face is too round and, as such, we try to 'fix' all that. We have come a far way from make-up and today perform 'temporary' plastic surgery with contouring and other enhancements.

Today, I urge you to embrace your 'flaws' they are what make you truly unique, like these women who shared selfies after growing to love their 'imperfections'.