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Debbie Hall finally finds her passion

Published:Monday | June 15, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Debbie Hall, Gym Instructor at Spartan Health Centre.
Debbie Hall, Gym Instructor at Spartan Health Centre.
Debbie Hall, Gym Instructor at Spartan Health Centre, demonstrates the standing dumbbell front raises that work the deltoid, or shoulder, muscles.

How far would you go to live the life of your dreams? Debbie Hall, a fitness trainer at Spartan Health Club, made the decision that ultimately changed her life forever and is now living her dream.

Growing up, Hall noted she had always been physically active - from Hope Town Basic School, Tarrant Primary, to Ensom City All-Age to Holy Trinity High School. "I did track and field, which I love, and I wanted to excel as a sprinter, but my high school never had a programme," Hall told Flair.

Hall never gave up on her first love and said she decided to take it a bit further, and had her first Body Fitness Competition in 2003. Though she didn't win, that experience set the platform for who she is today. "It was nerve-wracking because it was my first time on the stage, but was an amazing experience that taught me a lot about stage prep and presentation," Hall explained.

Hall said she competed every year up to 2005, but did not place in the top 10 and felt the need to go back to the drawing board.

She decided to take a year from the competition to prepare herself mentally, physically, and emotionally, while still working at the Norman Manley International Airport at the time. "It took a lot of sacrifices, which included working out twice a day - before and after work, five days per week, plus maintaining strict dieting. One needs to understand that this takes a lot of work," Hall admitted.

Hard work did pay off for Hall when she won Miss Jamaica Body Fitness competition 2007. Copping almost the entire category of prizes, except one.

During this time, Hall was slowly realising her true passion and continued participating in body fitness competitions.


Transition to her passion


Hall decided to quit her airport job in 2008, to find what makes her feel fulfilled, she then moved to Neveast Office Supplies where she did sales, which still never got her excited. Then to Terra Nova Hotel where she did reservations and sales, until one day she said she felt miserable and decided to continue her search for her dreams. "Deep down, I knew I was not doing whatever I was passionate about and was feeling unfulfilled," Hall confessed.

Sitting behind a desk was not one of Hall's favourite things to do, and none of her nine-to-fives gave her the challenge she needed, and so she continued her journey to find her dreams.

Determined to find her love, Hall told Flair that she did some introspection and came up with two things she cared deeply about, "Interior decorating and design, in which I had got a certification at Edna Manley in 2004, and health and fitness," Hall explained.

It all boiled down to health and fitness, which Hall said gets her pumped up more, plus it was something she did daily.

Hall said she had no idea that what she loved to do would have been her career. "I feel accomplished and self-sufficient and I have no regrets whatsoever," Hall disclosed.


Spartan Health Club Journey


Hall noted that her Spartan Health Club journey started in 1999, when she became a member. It continued throughout the years, until she started helping out part time. During her membership at the gym, Hall said she was introduced to bodybuilding and fitness, and immediately it was fully confirmed as her passion.

She went to the extent of not charging her first client, to test her ability to help others, "I wanted to use her as a tool to change her body. Her body started to transition even before the end of the three months, then she started to pay me," she explained.

"The feeling I got was orgasmic and I immediately fell in love all over again," she added.

She then decided to go all out to become a permanent fitness trainer because of her innate drive and passion for health and fitness this became an automatic flow.

She noted that her experience as a fitness trainer has been challenging yet rewarding. "I am in an environment that is constantly changing and has some of the most dynamic and diverse people," Hall confessed.

Hall said she loves and enjoys her job and looks forward to going to work each day, "The rewarding and most memorable aspect of my job is witnessing my clients transform not only physically, but also mentally. Hearing their testimonies about how good and rejuvenated they feel and look, is very heart-warming and gives me joy and the drive to do more," Debbie added.

Hall noted that she also specialises in pre- and post-natal fitness training. She works with expectant mothers before, during, and after pregnancy. "I chose to focus/concentrate on this special population because it is one of the most neglected areas in the health/fitness industry," Hall explained.


Outside of the Gym


When she is not training a client or working out, she is competing against other fitness trainers. She enjoys lyming with her closest friends, going to the beach and, occasionally, a few parties. Otherwise, Hall said she is catching up on her sleep.

If you are like Debbie, who was working her nine-to-five and not sure if you should take the chance, Hall advises you to go for it, "Once you are confident that this is your passion and feel that conviction, go ahead take the plunge," She advises.




The last of seven siblings for her mother, Hall said she grew up in a single-parent family, and lost her mother in February of this year. "My mother's untimely death threw off my pre- and post-natal fitness-training exam. That's why I did not compete in the Body Fitness Competition this year," Hall disclosed. She plans to compete next year.