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Love in any language: the Groveses' Love Story

Published:Monday | June 15, 2015 | 12:00 AMKrysta Anderson
Kamar and Stephanie took a leap of faith and let love and light be their guide for their happy wedding day.
A priceless candid moment depicting the happiness shared between the two lovebirds.
A picture is worth a thousand words and this loving gaze exchanged makes it worth a million!
Kamar and Stephanie Groves take their first walk together as husband and wife among their vibrant, mixed bridal party.
Behind this loving couple is an equally loving family who serves as foundation for strength, unity and prosperity. From left: the mother of the groom, Vinnette Castle, the bride, the father of the groom, John Groves, the groom and mother of the bride, Brenda McIntyre.
The newlyweds bask is happiness as they cut their beautiful wedding cake.
The florally decorated rrum carrot wedding cake.

"And though our words are all unique ... Our hearts are still the same." - Love in any Language

Kamar Groves has never heard the words "I love you" from his wife Stephanie McIntyre, but he has seen it, felt it, and has shared in expressing the deeply emotional sentiment.

The two lovebirds met at the Jamaica Association for the Deaf in 2007, and through good friendship, they opened the door to a whole new world of love and happiness.

The first day of Stephanie's interview, Kamar recalled, he was with a work colleague when he saw a lady passing who instantly caught his eye. He said, "She looks nice!" Funny enough, Stephanie did not notice for quite some time while working there, let alone express any interest in him.

A few months later, after getting to know each other, they exchanged numbers and became really close friends. And two years after meeting, they decided to take a chance at dating, just to see if any sparks would fly. "We dated for approximately 10 months, and out of the blue, one day, after driving back from my cousin's wedding in Ochi, we decided we should just call it what it was - a relationship," Stephanie revealed to the Flair. On November 7, 2009, they officially became a couple.

As time went on, their love for each other grew even deeper. Stephanie expressed delight in discovering that Kamar is one of the kindest persons with basic good principles such as respect for God and loyalty to family and friends, all very important to me, "When we took a vacation to Miami and New York in 2010, most of our trip was arranged by Kamar, as he wanted to show me New York, which thoroughly impressed me. It was one of the best trips I have ever experienced.

"We were going away for a month and we would be with each other day in day out, so I was nervous at first but to my surprise, the time spent together was effortless! We got along so well, we almost didn't want to come back. That's the first time I really saw our compatibility."

Kamar, too, was also impressed that on that trip Stephanie had orchestrated a spontaneous tour for the guide, and scheduled a surprise dinner, which included his long-time friends living in the States.

They also recounted other timeless moments which they labelled as telling signs that they were, in fact, destined to be. "Stephanie has always been a great support and I love that. I can remember the time when we were friends and I had a bike accident. The first person I thought to call was her. I told her "accident" and she was there for me in no time from out of her deep sleep. She went with me to the police station, for my X-rays, to the pharmacy and found ways to cheer me up. That showed me the unique quality that no matter what happens to me in life, whether I am down or up, she will be there for me," Kamar said.

And for Stephanie, it was her father's acceptance of Kamar, that made her say, 'he is the one'. "My father would spend time with him at a famous domino tournament. Dad was so excited to introduce Kamar to his friends with the introduction of "This is my daughter's boyfriend, Kamar Groves. He is deaf."

As the introductions continued, my father would request that I leave them alone to have their own bonding time together."

Five years would pass before Kamar made the biggest decision and popped the question.


The proposal


When a trip Stephanie made to Denver, Colorado, for work was cut short after hearing the news that her mother had suffered from a stroke in her absence, Kamar said there was no time like the present moment and so, upon picking her up from the airport, he decided to hide the ring in something he knew she would 'trouble' in the car. When she saw it, she moved it and out dropped a ring box in her lap. The screaming began and calmly Kamar asked, "Will you marry me, Hon?" to which she said 'Yes'. "We quickly rushed to the hospital and I saw my mother and she spotted the ring and said 'Finally!'. And just like that, on August 5, we were engaged," said the happy couple.

The wedding was planned primarily by Kamar and Stephanie, with the help of family and friends bearing the name 'earth angels'. On March 28, 2015, the two were joined in holy matrimony at Straun Castle Gardens. The beautiful bride was a vision in her wedding dress boasting the traditional white, while the handsome groom took sophistication to new heights in a classic white tux. Unconventional practices included having eight friends of honour making up a mixed-gender wedding party, three males and one female on the groom's side and three females and one male on the side of the brides. Also, being deaf, Kamar's first language is sign language so they had three interpreters, one of whom performed during the signing of the paper. They exchanged their personal vows in sign language as well.

The cafÈ-styled reception was even more relaxed than the ceremony. All witnessed as the newlyweds had their first dance to Luther Vandross' Here and Now. This gave way to the dancing segment of evening, which had everyone on the dance floor.