Fri | Feb 28, 2020

Social media 101

Published:Monday | June 15, 2015 | 12:00 AMJody-Anne Lawrence

"Not every thing good fi eat, good fi talk," is a common saying that we are all familiar with as Jamaicans. However, with the inception of social media, too many people are eating and speaking.

It is very easy to get in above our heads on social media. Since it is not face-to-face conversation, this helps to boost many an individual's ego to not only post inappropriate things, but to pick verbal fights. With that being said, we all want to be taken seriously, and if you want to be respected, here are a few social-media etiquette points we think you should abide by.

- Profanities. Every tweet or Facebook post should be clear of profanities. One needs to be careful of how you represent yourself and to be respectful.

- Do not pick a fight. Everyone is entitled to their opinion no matter how stupid we may feel it is. It is ugly to see how people go at it on the Internet, tearing each other down. You feel like you are reading a Bad Girls' Club Reunion script.

- Do not post incriminating things about your ex. This does not mean only ex-partner, but your former friends, workplace, or boss. It is tacky when you do this and you look bitter as you lower the chances of future relationships. When it comes to a job, never burn bridges behind you. You might be going into your own business, but it is always good to be able to get a reference.

- Never post photographs of others without permission. Now it might not be something scandalous, but you need to respect each other's space and rights. Not because you are friends with someone means that you should fill your timeline with their wedding pictures before they get to post one, unless they have given you the go-ahead. There are things you just have to ask yourself, "Would I really like this if the tables were turned?" If the answer is no, do not do it and if it is yes, still ask.

- Tagging. Not everything that you find funny or interesting your friends will and, as such, you should avoid tagging them in everything. Respect your friends' beliefs, religion etc. If you know your friend is sensitive, do not tag them in a picture of a dead person.

- Distorting photographs. Do not take a group photograph, crop out most persons, leaving you and another to insinuate you two are involved.

- Follow and unfollow. You have the right to decide who you want to follow and people have the right to post what they want on their profile when all is said and done. So if you don't like what someone posted on their profile, unfollow, but do not impose your opinions and ideas of what they should post.