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ZIKV? Nuh badda wid me!

Published:Monday | June 15, 2015 | 12:00 AM

I remember it clearly; one minute I was fine, the next minute I was in pain.

That's what hit me, almost literally, last October, when the dreaded Chikungunya virus, more popularly known as chik-V caught me too. Got up from where I was sitting and noticed my knees and ankles were killing me. I'm not sure which particular winged vampire aka mosquito was responsible for the dastardly act of giving me chik-V but within a few hours, I moved from walking tall to looking like the Hunchback of Notre Dame. Mi pain up! The cold sweats came not long after, and there was even some itching of the skin. My biggest concern, though, was when it came to food time.

Yours truly is a rotund fellow who loves his belly (filling it that is). But even I was putting aside food because my appetite just wasn't there. "Pupa Jeezas, what is this pon mi now?" I asked myself while looking to the heavens. All I could do was look to the heavens, i.e. lie on my back. That's because rolling over to lie on my stomach was not an option. In fact, moving once I was in the bed wasn't an option. I was in pain. I said to myself, "Let's not go through this again." So imagine my dismay when I heard there was something even worse than chik-V.

The Zika Virus, or as we have started to call it ZIKV, is now in the Caribbean, and in case you've been in hibernation, some claim it's not as bad as its 'Chicken Gunman' relative. Its symptoms include severe fever (sound familiar), joint and muscle pains (still familiar), headaches (ditto), rashes (lah da dee) and conjunctivitis. Say wha? You mean, ZIKV gi yuh pink eye? No sah, dis sound wuss! These symptoms usually appear within three to 12 days following a mosquito bite. And, of course, the carrier is our good friend, the Aedes Aegypti mosquito. I think it's time we start declare dat breed 'mosquita non grata'. A pure problem when dem deh bout!

Now the ZIKV caused one big hullabaloo in the lovely country of Brazil recently. Of all the things I wanted from Brazil, like beautiful women, great music and food, and a World Cup trophy (yes, mi still bex!) ZIKV is NOT one of them. So hear yah now, mi nuh intend fi go through dis foolishness again. I have enough pain just walking around normally, I really don't need any help from Aedes or ZIKV for that. So every pan a get stab up so it nuh collect water, every corner a di roof a get clean out, mi not into it! Public Health Department can hire me part-time fi do di fogging! Mi wi drive or pump di spray can, whatever is necessary!

And dem mosquito yah better start walking, er flying, around with ID. Because any Aedes I see gwine get splattered, zapped, or sprayed, with extreme prejudice. Mi a warn dem!

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