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Yanique's Quest: Sealed with a kiss

Published:Monday | June 22, 2015 | 12:00 AM
The day was all about me relaxing.
The first part of the day began with a trip to the spa.
It’s an amazing feeling to get flowers just because.

I am quite sure that for any woman who have received flowers from the opposite sex, it's quite an amazing feeling. The flowers I refer to aren't the 'lets make up', 'I'm sorry' or 'happy birthday' flowers.

I am referring to the flowers that you get just because he thought of you. The idea that chivalry is dead is pure foolishness, and those listening to it are fools. Women want flowers. We want the doors opened for us and as silly as it is to some, we want that display of public affection.

The highlight of my day last Friday was when Jason had seven white roses delivered to my office. I had spoken to him a few times throughout the day, and at no point had he given me any inclination that he was even thinking about sending me flowers. The card attached was what actually had me blushing. It read, "It's been seven days since I saw you, seven days since our last date, and I am looking forward to tomorrow." I had absolutely no idea what that meant because we had no plans for the weekend, but it made me anxious for the weekend.


3 in 1


He hadn't mentioned any plans to me, so when I called him to say thanks for the roses, and he told me what it was, I was elated. When he makes plans, he pulls out all the stops. He had made reservations for the day, and he said all I needed to do was show up.

I say with no apologies that my ex wasn't like that. We would always end up doing the things he enjoyed and wanted to do. He was hardly interested in my interests because they were too 'girly'.

When Jason picked me up, his first words to me were that I looked hot. I was wearing a simple blue maxi dress and I know I looked good, but hearing him voice it made me blush.

I don't think men realise that we spend a great deal of time on our outfits and getting ready, and would love if they would acknowledge it when they saw us.

He had made reservations at a popular spa in Montego Bay for us to get massages and use the hydrotherapy pool. He said this was only step one of the evening, and I was to just relax and enjoy my day. I knew what he meant when he said that. I was not allowed to speak about anything work related. I had no problems with that - and I was already thinking ahead to what step two was.

After our couples massage was completed, we headed over to the steam room and sauna. I think I am most relaxed on my dates with Jason. There is no pretending with us. What you see is what you get - he's charming, jovial, witty, self-confident and always direct. We were at the spa for four hours and we talked non-stop.


Step Two


We left the spa and headed out for Chinese for dinner. I told him I wasn't ready to eat yet because it was only 5 o'clock, but he insisted. He said, "it would be too late after step three." I knew I wouldn't be able to finish a full course meal, so we decided to have dim sum instead. For the entire time we were there he had me as Jamaican would say, 'laugh til mi bawl'. This was a man I spoke to everyday, usually three or four times, yet we never ran out of things to talk about. The thing I liked most about talking to Jason was how positive his outlook was on everything. When I am in panic mode about something, he is always able to show me a different perspective that I wouldn't have thought of. Sometimes, I feel like I was unloading everything on him because I always wanted his opinion or outlook on the subject.


Step Three


Jason isn't Jamaican, but he thoroughly enjoys Jamaican theatre. He knew I was also a theatre lover, so when he heard that Saving Alligator High would be playing in Montego Bay, he quickly purchased tickets. This was the only part of the evening that we didn't talk. The play had us in stitches from start to finish, and it was only during intermission that we spoke. When we did, it was about the parts of the play that we liked, and we would start laughing again. Did I mention I love Jamaican theatre?

That night when Jason kissed me goodnight I felt that passion that I once experienced, but it was different. This time, it felt more like a fire had been lit inside and I was burning up. I simply didn't want the kiss to end. It wasn't the first, second or third time that he was kissing me, but it felt totally different tonight. His last words to me that night were "Dream about me". Since then, he's all I've been dreaming about.