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The Visual Ninja

Published:Monday | June 29, 2015 | 12:00 AM

Adopting the moniker, 'The Visual Ninja', 24-year-old Claud-Michael Pringle, who goes by the name Jik-Reuben, has embarked on a mission to bring authentic Jamaican images, captured across the island, to the world stage.

Over the last three years, the self-taught photographer has been capturing stellar images and noted that he has been working assiduously "to change the game through my concert photography, black and white photographs as well as heartfelt, alluring, and stunning portraits".

Jik-Reuben told Flair his love for photography began while he was a student at St George's College, in 2008, when he would spend hours in the school's library flipping through the pages of National Geographic magazine.

"It was then that I knew that I wanted to travel and capture different cultures and landscapes across the globe. However, it wasn't until 2010 when I joined the University of Technology's (UTech's) Photography Club and subsequently became the president, that my interest blossomed into what it is today," the astute photographer revealed.

Jik-Reuben acknowledges that his career has blossomed from the modest days of using a point-and-shoot camera, to covering my first live concert. "I have grown and continued to capture a host of different live shows, and I have also branched out into portraits, landscapes, food, commercial, corporate events and wedding photography."

His work has placed him in a prime position to showcase Jamaica's culture, and it is for this reason Jik-Reuben said he was selected as part of the United Purpose Tour (Up! Tour), a travelling showcase highlighting Jamaican culture and creativity.

This tour is the brainchild of the Nanook Community which brands itself as a social enterprise geared towards nurturing creativity and communal industries in Jamaica.

"Through participating in the Up! Tour I will be promoting an authentic Jamaican experience at different festivals and cultural spaces across Europe for two months starting in July," Jik-Reuben shared, adding that the tour will see him heading to countries such as Germany, Spain, and France.

In addition to this, the artist will be mounting his first exhibition titled 'The Visual Ninja', which will incorporate 17 of what he deems to be his most treasured photographs from landscapes, concert photography, and portraiture, as well as video projects that he has worked on as a videographer.

However, for him to make the journey to Europe and mount his exhibition, the young photographer said he needs at least US$2,000 to pay for the necessary travel documents and travel expenses. He said, to this end, he has already set up a crowd-funding site through which he hopes to raise the funds.

"I need all the help I can get to make this dream a reality. All contributions made will be greatly appreciated," Jik-Reuben notes, explaining that he is really looking forward to showcasing another positive aspect of the Jamaican culture.

Persons wishing to contribute can do so at or contact him via Facebook at