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Must-have beach essentials

Published:Monday | July 6, 2015 | 12:00 AM

Summer is not just a season but a lifestyle, and Jamaica boasts a year-round tropical climate. As such, the team at Sun Factory Jamaica recognised the need to embrace one of our island's greatest treasures - the beach - and provide everything you need to create the perfect day to soak up the rays.

A good beach trip should be full of fun, sun, and preparation. The Sun Factory Jamaica, one of the world's leading distributors of beachwear and suncare brands, offers a range of sun-related goodies such as Australian Gold Sun Care, Foster Grant Eyewear as well as Ipanema and Rider Sandals.

Here are a list of must-have beach essentials.

- Beach tote - A beach tote is easy to travel with, and ideal to comfortably stash your beach goodies. Ensure it is large enough to store most of the remaining items on this list and include lots of pockets, which will keep smaller things stored away so you don't have to dig to the bottom of the bag to find them. Try colourful bags, and something that matches your swimsuit.

- Beach towel - Whether it's used to lie on or get you dry, a beach towel is mandatory. The bigger the better, just in case you find yourself without a beach chair.

- Sunblock - It's imperative to protect your skin while soaking up the rays. Australian gold sunblock leaves you with a golden glow, and smells great. There are also oil-free sun blocks that prevent wrinkles, sunburn and dry skin. Ultra Sheer Sunblock by Neutrogena is also great to use, it contains helioplex technology to block harmful rays. It even contains zinc oxides, which helps fight breakouts from sweat during your sun sessions.

- Sunshades - While you are looking cute in your swimsuit, be sure you have a great pair of shades to match. Comfort is pivotal for the successful beach day. Foster Grant sunnies are both functional and fashionable. They enhance your beach style, and allow you to enjoy the beach atmosphere without squinting the eyes. Don't wear your designer shades on the beach, they could get lost, ruined or even stolen.

- Flip-flops -Don't damage your day-to-day sandals, Ipanema flip-flops are perfect for the beach. They're trendy and sand-friendly.

- Books/magazines - You will never know if you'll be in the mood to flip through a quick read or dive into a lengthy novel. Clear your mind while lounging with a good book or magazine to pass the time while you get a great tan, or to just relax and indulge in some good literature.

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